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After dropping this board for r/literature, I find myself coming back more and more for what appears to be:
- Better quality of discussion
- Willingness to post different opinions and not vituperate the other opinion
- Meet-ups (what the fuck?)

Is the dethroning of DFW's Infinite Jest from our #1 spot the reason for this rebirth?

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Also, rip the /lit/ trilogy of Gravity's Rainbow, Infinite Jest, and 2666

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Wtf Its worse than ever. All anyone seems to read is entry level as fuck.

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This mindset is the same as Japanese that complain about late trains, the complaining purifies and serves its function, but is relatively inaccurate

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Fuck you and your yearly shitty image
kys you're selve

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Entry level stuff and philosophy that has nothing to do with literature

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DfW has been replaced by Petersonposting. Thats why you feel at home here redditor.

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This place is worse than ever. A bunch of humanitiesfags posturing over the same few books and liking everything academia and publishing tells them to. lit perfectly resembles the constipated nature of literature as a whole

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Yeah, except /lit/ is more similar to Indian trains.

>the dethroning of DFW's Infinite Jest from our #1 spot
Fuck off discord faggot revisionist.

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>the autismal discord-tard is still trying this hard

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Philosophy threads have to go somewhere, and /his/ became a watered down /pol/ after the first year it was made

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Death to the Maximalists!

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Unrelated but Sirens of Titan is not a Top 100 book...

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stfu percy

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>t. only got into community college

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/lit/ took the redpill

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It has nothing to do with IJ. It's because, just as in the Renaissance, we decided to start reading the classics again:


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