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How and when do you drink your coffee (or other beverage of choice)? I need new ideas.

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Black, one sugar, scrambled egg and smoked salmon all stirred in.

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BLACKED in the morning.

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Can of red bull poured in

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Black: 2 tbsp of espresso
An orange
Bar of 90% cocoa dark chocolate

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brew a pot of coffee the night before, stick it in the fridge.

drink 37 fl oz. of coffee mixed with 3 fl oz. whole milk. take an amphetamine. smoke cigarette once the speed kicks in. drink 40 fl oz. water repeatedly throughout day, until urine is clean enough to drink

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the norwegian fisherman’s breakfast

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shit you're literally me except I also drink a can of monster, and smoke 6-10 cigs rather than just one.

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oh man, you /sip? i know i shouldn't be lecturing anyone, but that stuff ain't good for you.

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Putting anything in your coffee makes you female.

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yeah I know, I want to stop the energy drinks and turn down the amps + cigs, but I have to be at 100% every day for work or I'll just be asocial the whole time.

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What about moonshine or vodka?

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>t. a self important barista
Speed is going to give you early onset dimentia and it is not worth it

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kek, I'm actually a sea ice researcher. 100% honest, AMA as redditfags say.

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Sorry. You are woman now.

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also, amps cure my anxiety, which left untreated would basically destroy my brain anyways.

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>self-important barista on speed
AH! you found out my past life!

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brew a pot of this shit in the morning and drink it black

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only 99 cents

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Try Turkish coffee, it's underrated.

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When will the north pole be ice free?

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203X for 100% ice-free summers

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French press,normally without milk but if it's with milk it has to be warmed up on the stove. Preferably with a roll up cigarette
Keep it foolish
If you ever order a Turkish Coffee in Greece call it a Greek Coffee...because they really don't like it when you call it Turkish Coffee there

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poor greeks have basically been cucked from all directions since big alex

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sorry just got back. not in the foreseeable future. A lot of the changes in sea ice recently have been due to variation of wind patterns. Not that global warming isn't real, it's just exaggerated for grant money purposes. Lets keep that on the dl tho, it's good for everyone to embellish some stuff.

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2 shots of Johnnie Walker in the morning when I wake up and then a shot every hour and half.

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Also the north pole is also one of the least likely places besides the MYI zone in the Lincoln sea to become ice free since it gets very limited insolation when you factor in sun angle. More likely to see the Beaufort + Chuchki side lose summer extent before the np goes.

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Costco keeps the cost low

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Bullshit. Scandinavia and Russia are moving to make a killing on trade routes.
Anybody in the region not preparing for this are missing a huge economic opportunity.

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When I say the north pole, I mean the actual north pole, not the northern sea route or northwest passage m8

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double double, sometimes I dont have coffee at all during the day, sometimes I'll have like half a dozen or so cups. Usually I grab it from tim hortons on the way to work.

I've also been drinking lots of tea lately. I like it with some honey

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>actual north pole
Which one, you cheeky cunt? There's four of the fuckers.

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Ethiopian coffee is also very underrated

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just looked into it a bit, the ceremony is almost like gongfu tea. intredasting

also, popcorn and coffee is patrician as fuck

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pretty cool man. Reading to pass time on the sea my dude?

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Some Music To Improve Your Grammar : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Gv0H-vPoDc

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what about dick? what if I put a dick in my coffee?

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>also, popcorn and coffee is patrician as fuck
more like anorexic as fuck

black coffee in the mornings, espresso if im in europe. other than that a lot of beer, sometimes simple mixed drinks or just straight liquor.

i like iced tea but its such a pain to make and it tastes like shit when it comes from a jug

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Filtered. I stopped adding stuff to my coffee cause I got too lazy.

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Only black coffee now, in terms of drug-laden substances. Alcohol and narcotics are for rabble, and people with mental illnesses. I know because I am a member of the latter class.

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Black coffee is the only beverage i really like. I do unironically love a cold beer on a hot day, r with certain dishes like cebiche.

Also, if you haven't tried watermelon juice, you are missing out big time.
>inb4 nigger

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the rotational/insolational one duh

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edición culia mala

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t-thanks... you too

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Something different, enjoy!

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Jej you were blacked so hard you guys don't even have red hair anymore

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black with ice

t. desert dweller

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I only drink black coffee however I've cut down my coffee usage to around once or twice every 2-3 weeks. It messes up my sleep patterns too much and I always feel tired for the next couple of days even if I get 8 hours of sleep. I think caffeine affects me more than most people, I feel like I get high/buzzed off that shit and depending on my mood I either get really happy and talkative or really depressed and anxious. I have no clue how people drink so much, I'm almost a different person when I drink coffee.
I've been drinking more chai lately though. My parents taught me how to make it when I was little and I've been making it for them for almost a decade now. It doesn't have as much caffeine as coffee and the process is almost kind of spiritual for me. It makes for a breddy gud substitute.

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in a mug

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>How and when do you drink your coffee (or other beverage of choice)? I need new ideas.

What? You need new ideas on how to drink coffee?

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I'm a Mathematician so all I do is drink Coffee and prove theorems. I do make sure to get 8 hours of sleep though, my working memory goes to shit if I don't.

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