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/lit/ humor? post screen shots of best /lit/ threads and memes.

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anybody got that one where the OP was writing a nigger story.

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That was the most samefag forced meme yet.

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I was at the library yesterday browsing some shit and saw Infinite Jest and wondered if G-d was indeed jesting with me, infinitely.

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It's *murmur* of the heart, fucking pseud.

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>I'm in the screenshot
Is this what making it feels like?

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Dude, it’s hella epic when I see screenshots with hilarious laughing reaction images. Would I know to laugh if a bunch of degenerates didn’t post the same 6 pictures in overreaction to a half-funny joke?

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Yes. Make sure to put it on your resume.

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i hope he publishes it. I want one for my shelf

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Did he ever post more?

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Yah, it legitimately reminds me of that one sperg 14 year old kid in high school (in Australia, so it goes from year 8s to 12) spammed our emails with something like: "niggerniggerniggernigger" ad infinitum

He got in heaps of shit, an ugly dweeb with braces and zits, too ugly even for a 14 year old. This is how I imagine everyone who keeps spamming this unfunny shit.

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>literally still giving a fuck about the Katie crisis

I hope that cunt dies of yeast infection

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>Orwell is trash
How can one person be so wrong?

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I feel like this could actually be published in this age of postmodernism.

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>too retarded to comprehend the sublime comedic effect produced by the sharp teleological dissonance of technically excellent literary writing and blunt absurdity of diacopical obscenities
>hur dum children laugh at bad word
It sounds like you should go back to /r/books, nigger.

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>Would I know to laugh if a bunch of degenerates didn’t post the same 6 pictures in overreaction to a half-funny joke?
Since you sound like an insufferable pedantic asshole: No, you probably woudn't.

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/Lit/ doesn't even have decent memes. No wonder /s4s/ has infested your board.

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i'm tired of seeing the word cuck on 4chan, in literature, and in life. Everywhere I am, cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo. I feel like Leopold Bloom only I shouldn't because i'm in a confident relationship. Too bad I can't go a day without seeing or thinking about cuck, cuck, cuck. Anything I read has a cuckold. Anna Karenina, Ulysses, Homer, fucking MARTIAL, Ovid, DeLillo, Hemingway, Steinbeck, the comments about Aurelius, Proust, Kierkegaard, Schopenhauer, Cervantes... I wouldn't be surprised if by re-reading the Divine Cuckedy i would find something (Beatrice fucked Virgil didn't she?). She fucked Virgil and cucked Dante. Fuck and cuck. Cuck, cuck, cuckoo. And don't even get me fucking STARTED on Shakespeare. Literally every play has at least a line mentioning the cuckold's horns one way or another (oh I marked them). Please somebody cleanse me of this mind virus. Thank God i'm at least half as manly enough as Petruchio or any Shakespeare hero or how Martial or Socrates or Aristotle or Epictetus or Sam Hyde would aspire to be, or else I would probably end up blowing my brains out.

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Anon.. easy on the pessimism

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get it right cunt, "/s4s/" looks unnatural. Also wtf u on about, /lit is nothing like [s4s].

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Hahaha, holy shit my sides

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Really? Because you have some shit poster going on about how he's changed the board consciousness. Whether they push pizza man memes or whore memes they are pushing them just to see if they catch on.
Pynchon, anyone? DFW? No one gives a fuck but the guy pushing the memes. Lit lets this happen because none of you have read this and know if it's any good.
This place is the blind leading the naked. Nothing learned, nothing gained. Except maybe SFFG, which is spoilery.
Your top 100 lists look like meme jokes. No one coming in at this point in time takes this board seriously. Maybe some oldsters can see through all the BS from repetition, but to the tourist this is a shitty stall best avoided. You've shit up your nest for too long, Shitbirds.

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While I agree he's in no position of dismissing this just because it's a "bad" word, I've seen that fucking image 5 times and that thing happened like a week ago. You're gonna ruin the joke.

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Disappointing thread so far

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That wasn't very nice

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That thread was so fucking perfect.

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daily reminder that /lit/ is property of [s4s]

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I saw this when it was posted, but I never found it funny. Am I out of touch?

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No. It's the children who are wrong.

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I chuckled

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post wittgenstein buying a book

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>my reply post lower right
>rightswiped thread before 404
>only found out now I got included in screenshot
>will never know if post to my left replied to me or not
how to describe this feel?

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I love this one. I even named that image fregg when I saved it

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this is great, what's it from?

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I don't know this but I'm intrigued, please someone post this

I wonder if Hillary would even get the satire if she read this page. She is one of the least self-aware people I can thing of.

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there is a thing called the archive.

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nice dubz

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This made me laugh so hard that my asthma got triggered, and I have no idea why.

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anyone got that greentext about going back in time to visit the library in alexandria and just finding a bunch of trash in it? i think about that one a lot but i can't quite remember it

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ebin /pawl/ maymay, soon your foreskin will grow back

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>"nigger" is /pol/
Reddit, stop coming to this website.

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It's not "/pol/". Acting as if anybody cares about your autismal ramblings is retarded, though.

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Honestly pretty accurate

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It's beneath /lit/, tourist. Grow up or leave.

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Twitter Joyce carol Oates, this is your Hilary sycophancy Waterloo.

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Trips deserve reply. The /lit/ juice aint worth the squeeze [s4s]. Board is so destroyed they wouldn't know the difference.

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>as if anybody cares about your autismal ramblings
>thread that gathered more replies in a day than you did in your 3 months off plebbit
Please, go back.
>embryo in his honeymoon period thinks /lit/ is a high society intellectuals club
You go back too.

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Dude nothing is below /lit/ this place is awful.

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the point is shitposters are pushing memes just to push and no one knows or maybe cares.
If Lit had any agreement it would let shit threads die without comment. As it is, people pile on to shit threads without saging. Perhaps because reading is individual or the bait is just too tempting
Once upon a time I looked at Lit and felt it was over my head. Few threads on quality subjects. Now there's so much bs I often feel it is beneath me or a waste of time, since the laughs are few. All that transpired over, maybe, ten years?
My impression of [s4s] was that they aspired to have a meme catch on, and forced memes were easy to spot.
It's easier to force memes here because lit doesn't seem to have good memes to begin with. Even the rabbit has faded.
Lit doesn't image much for being on an image board. Tends to like author pics as a form of elitism. But book covers are better meme material and more pleasant to view in catalog.

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Two of my Deleuze threads gathered over 100 replies in the last week. Stay mad, /pol/faggot.

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>autismal ramblings
>my Deleuze threads

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Go back to reading your favourite Jews, Rand and Weininger.

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You seem to be a very troubled young woman.

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Of those authors Orwell is the one you chose to defend? Orwell wrote an essay on brewing tea, which, as far as im concerned, was the only thing of value he ever wrote. Vonnegut actually wrote some somewhat thought provoking stuff

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>Vonnegut actually wrote some somewhat thought provoking stuff

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You have to be in denial if you don’t admit to there at least being a small percentage of people (not just oldsters) who read and who care about reading that /lit/ helps. I’ve seen a couple dozen of absolutely amazing posts over a couple years (a blood meridian Moby dick male one, a couple Shakespeare ones, the Pynchon ones), that contain enough literary theory or laughs to make this place great.

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No, I just don't like Jews and women (and effeminate men like Weininger by proxy).

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>and effeminate men like Weininger
like yourself too?

>> No.10264541

>thought provoking
I think there's a ready player one thread you'll like somewhere in the catalog

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It's the small gems that make it worth it desu

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>80 replies
>not a single funny thing

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Bumping for green texts.

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Wow, I've never seen this exact picture before, and I opened it, and I feel I've seen it a million times by just looking at the catalog. /lit/ really does fucking suck now.

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>make a thread about chinese literature
>three out of five replies are “lol chingchong bingbong” and ironic posting of japanese names
Can I blame this one on /pol/?

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pic related

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this one is really old and still funy
I find this to be really truthful to the state of /lit/
>wasn't nihilism invented by Diogenes?
my sides

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10/10 only redeeming post itt

>> No.10267223


That was fucking awesome

>> No.10267255

What about nanners?

>> No.10267378

some of these are pretty obvs baits (ex. molyneux)

>> No.10267561

Like Weininger and other Jews.

>> No.10267566

tfw none of my shitposts are on here

>> No.10267829

not enough shitty christian threads

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You can tell it's old because people are actually discussing books.

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>its actually well written

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Jesus Christ... Talk about propaganda, that man is indoctrinating children passively.

>> No.10270066

I’m amused. What the fuck does Solzhenitsyn have to do with postmodernism

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Are we STILL acting like the word nigger is funny just for the sake of being edgy? I'm not opposed to the word itself, but saying it and acting like it's inherently hilarious just because it's offensive/anti-PC reeks of low-brow humor and a lack of self-awareness. These same jokes were being made over a decade ago on 4chan, and decades before that on IRC or in the real world. It's old and unoriginal.

If you're going to make nigger jokes, at least make them be original instead of just spamming the world all over the place.

t. not a niglet.

>> No.10270096

Yeah nigger can be funny but that post is just tryhard posting

>> No.10270104

>doesn't even read the text
>types out hurrdurr opinion on it
top yourself

>> No.10270106

Pretty sad none of my threads got on here.

>> No.10270112

Sorry. I find a lot of shitposts funny. I only added ones which made me want to kill myself.

>> No.10270129

>tfw none of my shitposts made you want to kill yourself

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This had me near tears the other day.

>> No.10270212


> sublime comedic effect
[citation needed]
> the sharp teleological dissonance
[citation needed]
> technically excellent literary writing
[citation needed]
> blunt absurdity of diacopical obscenities
[citation needed]

Make sure they're academic sources, please. Alternately, don't >>reference your own posts as cries for attention to validate your shitty unsupported claims.

>> No.10270221

>can't into basic literary analysis
>asking citations for 2+2=4
Fuck off my board please, illiterate nigger.

>> No.10270346

The joke isn't "haha, he said nigger", it's that it's juxtaposed with prose that you wouldn't expect the word to be used, it's essentially ACDC's song "Big Balls"

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>> No.10270687

Ha! The fucking agreement with this comical. And not because it isn't true, but because so many people here who Can't contribute to making little better rush to associate themselves with those who are persevering a higher lit sensibility - which, considering the move towards lifestyle threads, is pretty fucking rich, friends.

Makes me laugh every time to see how oblivious our lit/tle saviours are to their status anxiety, or whatever you want to call it. They don't even see how absorbed with their maintain of a true lit/tle appearance makes them seem adolescent and boring - in other words, everything they hate.

Oblivious self loathing. Top tier comedy.

>> No.10270694

Lmao that fucking blank verse posting

>> No.10270869


I've never understood this one.

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>outs himself as having never read Borges

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>> No.10272269

He associates postmodernism with Marxism and Marxism with gulags.

>> No.10272282

Nice "English".

>> No.10272300

this is so fresh and gold, kek. I was there.

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>> No.10272441

Not claiming le old fag, claiming tourist.
Hoped to elevate above Goodreads tier , but can't see through your shitposters. Took me months to realize some of you take Pynchon seriously, still not sure about DFW. I've not found the commentaries compelling enough to override my backlog.
Can't take the Greeks seriously, not enough time left on the planet, by my estimates. Read Republic just to reassure myself. It's much like this board, some of it is clearly wrong, so why dwell on the hard stuff?
If you could only hope to read six hundred books in the time remaining, will it be Greeks and Philosopher s? Not me.
Maybe you are content old farting with each other and nothing else is required, but I'd think it would get dull after awhile. On the other hand, it seems any shitposter with a folder full of memes can change the direction of your board. Just an impression, can't really say. Maybe reading is so individual that no consensus can be had, regardless of the board or digital format.
Maybe I just have pleb tastes and should move on. One appeal is- this board isn't hyper sexualized- image wise.
Sure some of you care, but if so, many of you are clearly wrong. Moby Dick and Catcher in the Rye are not even top one thousand tier novels, one need only read a few chapters to know this. I'm guessing Joyce is a time waster for most, in terms of enjoyment.
Maybe you have no agreed upon marker or criteria,
and that makes your board narrative laughable. How about truth, beauty, and enjoyment?
Saying something is good or shit isn't useful without qualifiers. Saying something is well written is only useful to other writers. Hemingway might seem well written to some, but only when forgiven its age. To a modern reader it is a historical footnote snooze fest at best. The Beats have been subsumed by culture, being gay and edgy is common.
If I haven't figured it out by now, it's probably time to move on. Thanks for the laughs, Patricians.

>> No.10272631

Your picture is not okay

>> No.10272819

Is this bait? What do you consider to be the greatest books of all time then? DFW is definitely overhyped/memed, but you're way off the mark on moby dick. It's pretty universally considered a classic, saying it can be dismissed after reading a few chapters is pretty retarded my dude. Even if you don't like the whaling chapters, the prose is fucking gorgeous

Also pynchon is great, i dunno what you're smoking

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>> No.10272866

Classics, Literary Fiction, Speculative Fiction, all of these are just marketing terms.

>Books are well written, or badly written. That is all. --Oscar Wilde

Imagine a child walking up to a shelf and thinking
>I shouldn't read Dr. Seuss, it's Spec-fic trash.

>> No.10272884

curious to know some books that you thikn are good>?

>> No.10272902

Doesn't Queequeg or some other early point of view character die like three chapters in? Doesn't the POV then switch? Technical error one.

Moby-Dick can't compete with its contemporaries unless you forgive it's age.
Please forgive my example If I'm wrong, but someone else can supply the name.

If the primary goal is communicate clearly, in the Strunk & White sense of things, MD fails. Second, if the goal is to get new readers to finish the book, MD fails. It only survives because of reputation-- and money rent grabbing by publishers.

In the modern technical writing sense Moby-Dick is a waste of time. I could say the same of "Heart of Darkness"--murky POV that switches--hard for a modern reader to finish.

>> No.10272934

I think Heart of Darkness is a "good" book, but it's barely readable by Pleb standards--because it isn't easy to understand. Same with Dune.

Lit seems to evaluate things on the Patrician tier. This is fine for T. Pat Reader, but anyone who wishes to be published must consider the audience, which gets more Plebian by the minute.

inb4 Writer's not discovered until post-mortem.

>> No.10272936

It's in first person in the early chapters then once Ishmael is a part of the crew it's mostly 3rd person since he mostly narrates the actions of others, although I think it's still technically first person
It returns to normal at the very end

I'm fairly certain this was intentional, also no characters die that early in the book

>> No.10272937

inb4 self publish moron

>> No.10272958


>> No.10272988

vote 5

i totally upvoated your shit on newgrounds but that would make me a narv?!

>> No.10272997

Fahrenheit 451, still relevant sixty years later. Emotional experience, makes a lasting impression, easy to understand, likely to be finished. Most of the passages stand on their own, even lacking context.

Not a desired emotional experience
Not easily grasped
Not likely to be finished.
Most passages cannot be understood without context.

>> No.10273031

you ever consider that youer just not that bright m8?

>> No.10273038

Could be. I'm not saying it's a bad book. I'm saying it's not in the top one thousand. Certainly not by modern standards.

>> No.10273052

2001 written by T. Edgy Gay Guy
Desirable emotional experience
easily grasped
Likely finished, especially considering it's size
Quotable and still relatable

Naked Lunch by T. Creepy Gay Guy
Not a desirable emotional experience
indecipherable to most
likely abandoned
Hard to understand even within its own context.

>> No.10273055

one thousand is a big number. and i cant grasp how any standards would leave it out of the top 50, unless by "modern standards" you mean short attention spans and easy to digest.

but everybody likes something different, we cant expect everyone to like what /lit/ pushes. I liked Fahrenheit 451 as well

>> No.10273060

Notice how neither example, 451 or 2001, is "Literary Fiction" or a "Classic"

>> No.10273064

451 is. they teach it at schools in the states

>> No.10273090

This is great

>> No.10273092

Saying Catcher in the Rye is the best book ever is like saying "Valley Girl" is the best song ever. If you weren't there at the time, it really doesn't matter, now. https://youtu.be/p-LArv-sEQU

>> No.10273093

/mu/ is worse

>> No.10273097

True, but you'll find it filed under Sc-Fi in a USA book store not "Classics"

>> No.10273119

Hemingway is known for his dialogue and creating the modern novel, but by modern standards his dialogue is forced and unbelievable. Don't believe me? Go to Goodreads and see the bitching.
"I love you."
"And I love you."
"Kiss me."
"No you fool."
"But Honey-Boo-Boo. . . "

By today's standard: forced, stilted, and cliche, sexting for the Lost Generation.

T. Pleb Goodreader

>> No.10273123

so by the lack of condescending replies I assume we can agree that Homage is very good?

>> No.10273151

It's okay. Kind of like a diary. Orwell is good the same way Hunter s. Thompson is good

>> No.10273177

really loved it myself as a lefty an all

that description of Barcelona when he first arrives is just brilliant

> There was much in this that I did not
understand, in some ways I did not not even like it, but I recognized it immediately as a state of affairs worth fighting for.

>> No.10273256

>hes never had a woman to know that's exactly how conversations are

>> No.10273271

Has never had a real woman, so doesn't know how good conversations can be.

>> No.10273272

wrong. if you listened to Peterson's lectures on Solzhenitsyn, you'd know how their main subject is mind control and totalitarianism, which Peterson then compares to neo-marxist XX century philosophers that are also into that stuff: academic, pop culture based attempts at indoctrination, enslavement, and mind control.

>> No.10273329

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas
by T. Old Frenchy (modern translation)

Desirable emotional experience
Fairly easily grasped
more likely finished than Moby-Dick
Better dialogue and still relatable
Father of Science-Fiction? Either way, inspired more authors than Melville.

Not considered a Classic or Literary Fiction.

>> No.10273340

θάλαττα means like sea or body of water in attic Greek, why is he saying that

>> No.10273368

i'm becoming a history sperg. i recognized those two immediately and I have hardly researched republican Rome

>> No.10273428

The Hobbit written by T. Olde Englisher

About as good as books get
Desirable emotional experience
Amazing world building
easily grasped
often finished by children
Quotable and still relatable
Not considered Literary Fiction or Classic

Book of the New Sun by T. Almost Dead Guy
Not a desirable emotional experience
world doesn't follow logic or even its own rules
indecipherable to most
likely abandoned
Hard to understand even within its own context.
A frequent Lit top one hundred memestar.

>> No.10273502

Infinate jest, still relevant sixty years later. Emotional experience, makes a lasting impression, easy to understand, likely to be finished. Most of the passages stand on their own, even lacking context.

The ulysses
Not a desired emotional experience
Not easily grasped
Not likely to be finished.
Most passages cannot be understood without context.

>> No.10273546

Infinite Jest by T. Doorag Dood

Muh bad feels
not easily grasped
One of the Big books of Did Not Finish
Never heard it quoted, lived forty decades without hearing it's name.
Did not finish, so can't really say much else, fairly.

>Literary Fiction and "Modern Classic"

>> No.10273570

Ulysses by T. Confusing Title-name

Self-indulgent nonsense requiring three other books, a flashlight, and ten pounds of space dust to translate its meaning.
muh Irish Catcholicism
Widely misunderstood and universally avoided.
Not as good as Gurdjief, by half.
Frequent Lit number one memestar.


>> No.10273586

Talmud, still relevant sixty years later. Emotional experience, makes a lasting impression, easy to understand, likely to be finished. Most of the passages stand on their own, even lacking context.

The "Holy" Bible by t. dude above the sky (he's aint real :) )
Not a desired emotional experience
Not easily grasped
Not likely to be finished.
Most passages cannot be understood without context.
Never heard it quoted, lived forty decades without hearing it's name.

>> No.10273598
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>if you listened to Peterson's lectures

>> No.10273636

The "Holy" Bible by T. Bagojoos

Not a desired emotional experience.
Not easily grasped.
Not likely to be finished.
Most passages cannot be understood without context.
Quoted non-stop as a blueprint for life.
40,000 different denominations can't be wrong! (or even agree on what it is)
Praise Baby Jesus!