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>He thinks that a prior synthetic expressions of pure mathematics can be meta-metaphysically proven through an empirically based medium of epistemological inquiry

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literally who still thinks that

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a priori or a prior?

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op btfo

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a priori. My bad.

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Nick Land is retarded enough to believe it, but his 4chan fanboys will defend him.
He doesn't believe in the validity of an apodictic yet non-empirically based medium of epistemological inquiry because (he claims) it involves a non-teleological assertion of positive nothingness. He thinks this is absurd, but anyone who has read ANY philosophy knows that there is absolutely nothing absurd in a non-teleological assertion of positive nothingness.

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Not an argument

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I don't speak autism can someone translate this

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If you aren't familiar with modern philosophy, then perhaps you shouldn't be on /lit/

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>if you are just interested in literature, you shouldn't be on a board for literature discussion because we keep shitting it up with philosophy autism threads without even referring to literature

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Philosophy IS literature

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a square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not a square

yeah it's literature but literature isn't necessarily all this hyperautistic-level philosophy

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Why is it hyper autistic? Because you don't understand it?

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No, I'm just saying that you don't need to study philosophy to be able to appreciate literature and participate in discussions on it famalam. I honestly didn't know wtf OP was talking about because I hadn't heard of it, since philosophy is not something I have studied or plan to study.

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no i don't!!!!

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>He thinks mathematical truths you know of without necessarily ever experiencing and whose truthiness is reliant in their relationship to the world can be proven through studying metaphysics with just your sense.
Just fuck me up senpai.

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W8, so op isn't trolling and his autism speak has meaning?

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Probably because people study different things in literature and philosophy and expecting them to know OP's retarded esoteric babble is, well, retarded. If OP really wanted a discussion, which he doesn't, he would've simplified what he said to facilitate it like this anon did >>10249343.

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Sounds like someone needs to brush up on their dimensional analysis

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>unironically using a singular indefinite article with a plural noun
I seriously hoped that you faggots wouldn't do this in the current year, alas here we are

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You literally can't derive mathematical proofs without a posteriori knowledge.

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> he can talk about epistemology and a priori synthetic expressions but he cannot solve a quadratic equation
t. absolute state of /lit/ pseud

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>he thinks mathematics doesn't depend on an intuition about the passage of time


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>People think we can empirically express irrational numbers, fucking nerds amirite

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i want to know how many anons who descant on math epistemology can solve a simple quadratic equation.
my prediction: 0.

kys pseud manlets

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I would be this wojacks friend. We'd argue about audiobooks as a literary medium though.

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Electrical engineer here
I'd even give you the complex roots

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I'm so sorry, anon.

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Quit your job.

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