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Hello smart people.

I come from /fit/ and I'd like to get into reading.
What does /lit/ recommend ?

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The Greeks

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The Culture of Critique

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I said /fit/ not /sci/

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go on the wiki and find the starting kit

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I strongly suggest you start with the greeks

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go back to your board brainlet

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The good book

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Any particular interests?

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here you go

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Hey, Trump/Hillary, it wasn't a manual!

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Those mystery books
With detectives

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>random signals and noise
every time

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Try Edgar Allan Poe

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The way you're writing that makes me think you really don't read at all. So let me help you.
Ignore everyone in this thread. Fuck the classics.
Do not start with the Greeks. Don't start with the indigestible shit. You'll burn out immediately.
Do not treat this as a task to be completed, but as a thing you do for enjoyment.

Here's what you do if you want to actualy start reading and don't know where:
First, pick your favourite movies.
Then post a thread on /lit/ asking for books that are similar in feel to the movies.
Anons will give you recommendations, you'll google the books in question and then pirate/order the one that seems best.

Continue through the recommendations until you know what kind of literature you like and what you want to read. You'll possibly want to read what anons are posting right now, but you'll know that when you get there. Certainly not now.

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Iliad is chad as fuck.

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>not enjoying the greeks

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You seem really certain that I do not enjoy the greeks, which is pretty stupid thing to infer, anon.
I just reject them as an introduction to reading for a regular dude who's looking for an easy way into the hobby, because they're a shit introduction if you haven't read a couple of things already and know what you want from it.

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idk why the dialogues aren't a good introduction to literature

can you provide an explanation?

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read meme poetry
rupi kaur
420 blaze it mafaka

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Sure. A dude who doesn't read needs a hook. My way introduces him to something he knows he might like rather than a complete wildcard (for him).

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understandable and gentle
probably more likely to win a few more converts
I do like the mild inaccessibility of the start w/ greek meme tho

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If I had it my way, everyone would learn Greek than Latin before they read any English lit

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*greek then latin

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Here's some /fit/ reading material.

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Thanks a lot anon
I'll do that

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If you are absolutely new to reading, try reading Dan Brown and his Robert Langdon series. It is mystery full of suspense and a very easy read, even if you are a brainlet.

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I am not a brainlet!!1

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Seems you're the one learning English! Just finished up learning Greek and Latin, eh? Got some work left to do. Ha! Scoff!

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the odyssey

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Excuse me, but it's renowned author Dan Brown to you.

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I corrected myself and you saw that I did

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Dianetics: the modern science of mental health by L Ron Hubbard

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Ignore anybody who tells you to start with the pre-socratics they are full of shit. Follow the Cynics.
>/fit/ was one of their prime virtues
>literally spat in the face of noblemen and emperors and gained respect for it
The OG chads.

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>Ignore anybody who tells you to start with the pre-socratics they are full of shit.

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You're right, anon. How the fuck people here can think someone new to reading should start with Homer is beyond me. If ever there was a way to put otherwise eager people off reading, giving them "the Greeks" to begin with would be it. Start with what interests you first and build up an understanding of the important works of literature incrementally, through following what appeals to you most. Starting with an ancient text that has been only approximately translated and bears little similarity to the culture of the modern world will only confuse you

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