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Why should I read books? I am quite intelligent, and have an IQ of 132, but have read only one book in my life. When will you hipsters admit that books are an outdated medium? Get over it.

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I agree, redpilled brother of rationality and logic instead of cucked feel of art gay.

Ever read Kevin McDonald's Culture of Critique Series?

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Aristotle was right btw

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No one cares if you want to read books or not you dumb fucking cunt. Go ask your mom if you want her to give you a reason and pat you on the back for being her special autistic angel.

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i mean, your iq may be 132 but based on your actions (i.e. you specifically sought out a literature forum to insult people who enjoy literature. what the fuck did you want out of this other than attention) i might venture to say your emotional intelligence is lacking. reading a book or two might possibly help you with that.

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IQ means nothing. You can have an IQ score of 132 on monday because you slept well and had a good breakfast and an IQ of 90 on friday because you were stressed out and ate shitty burgers for lunch.If someone brags about their IQ just assume that they're insecure idiots.

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As someone with a certified IQ of 141, I can say with certitude that your statements are absolutely incorrect. Intelligence is a genetically inherited asset that can be measured with extreme accuracy, and has been shown to have a major effect on life outcomes. I dare say, you are the only insecure idiot here.

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Plato is right.

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the biggest scam of this century

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your identity is based on the iq theory. it is understandable you want to defend it.

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>this century
you mean last century

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>132 IQ

KYS brainlet

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Without writing, most people would be lost in the hazy sea of ahistorical solipsistic consciousness without understanding lineage or any greater totality. You read books so you don't be that kind of cuck.