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Petition to replace the big four (infinite jest, ulysses, gravity's rainbow, culture of critiqúe) with the big five pic related.

All in favor say I

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you can no more replace them like that than you could add culture of critique to them.

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this is a patrician board. we cannot have new comers thinking we're plebs for liking wallace and macdonald

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kill yourself

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The Epic of Gilgamesh isn't even anywhere near as popular on /lit/ (or as literary) as any of the other 4 books. It's obviously like a pet interest of yours in this case. As for the other four, they'll never reach the status of the real meme trilogy (there is no "Big Four") because they're much less controversial than Joyce/Pynchon/DFW.

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I could part with IJ tbqh. There could also be a pre-modern five that would leave the Big Four in tact.

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Stop forcing this meme you fucking mongrel. Kill yourself.

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>Iliad and Odyssey counted as one
>no Aeneid
>no Perceval
>Epic of Gilgamesh
needs reworking

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Replace Gilgamesh with the Bible

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im guessing those are the ones you want to read soon

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And who the fuck do you think you are, dude? CofC belongs on there more than you belong on this board.

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kill yourself meme forcing edgelord

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Culture of Critique was never in there. There is only one sad little twat that's been desperately trying to shoehorn that shit in. It's kinda funny, but still very sad.

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>it's only one guy!

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absolutely not this, shills back to >>>/pol/

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>wanting to replace Ulysses for Epic of Gilgamesh

no thank you

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hang yourself

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>I am le patrcian
>I derive my identity from memes

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Gilgamesh didn't have any particularly important influence on Western culture, unlike both Virgil and Ovid which you oddly excluded. Might as well have added the Shahnameh. My list would go something like this.

>Iliad, Homer
>Odyssey, Homer
>Aeneid, Virgil
>Metamorphosis, Ovid
>Divine Comedy, Dante
>Orlando Furioso, Ariosto
>Faust, Goethe

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kill yourself with a brick

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Seeing you losers shitpost daily is fucking disheartening. Just go read something and improve your life instead of defecating all over an imageboard.

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>oy vey this post is like anudda shoah

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how many (((them))) reaction images do you have? whats the name of your folder? I bet you have a few years worth of content. You might have your pale bony finger quivering with excitement over the next epic jpeg ready to redpill these brainlets eh?

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Fixed that for you, OP.

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The last three need the bible to understand properly. Why not put the ol' KJV on there?

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>Everyone who thinks I'm an idiot is a jew
>The /pol/ guide to "Othering" 99% of humanity

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I still don’t even know what culture of critique is, but at this point I am so fucking tired of seeing it shilled that I will probably never read it, and automatically despise any post mentioning it.

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It's a work of evolutionary psychology about Jewish academics. I dpn't get how anyone can take it seriously.

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not the guy you replied to but I just wanna say that your posts had a similiar effect on me

all the criticism and blind resistance to CoC makes me want to read it even more, and I happen to know several other anons here feel the same way.

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Not one mention of Shakespeare in this thread. FUCKING RI-DICK-ULUS

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>I must announce not only my hatred for something I refuse to learn about but my intention to ever learn anything more about it
>this is the power of the """"tolerant left"""""
really makes me think.

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Putting aside the self-indulgent theatrics of your post, the people who make pithy, over the top posts about it are jewish shills. Those of us who bring it up with honesty and intent to educate and inform do so because we're actually trying to help other white people understand a serious problem plaguing our societies. And we know how difficult an intellectual hurdle it is to get over, no question about it. Nearly everyone who's read it was one as philosemitic as the next guy, but it's still an important subject all whites need to look into if they haven't already. And it's a good book, read it.

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>all these fags dissing Gilgamesh

As expected of plebs.

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>Culture of Critique

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>Aeneid still a Roman monkey's well-trained imitation of Homer-as-propaganda, and will never be on the same plane of creative accomplishment
>Other points correct

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tbf its more of anthropoligcal than literary value

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Not really. It's literary value is actually quite high.

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>realising he's gone too far, the CoC poster goes into damage control overdrive

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>big four

its the meme trilogy you newfag tourist.

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So it is anti-semitic propaganda for pseudo-intelectuals who want to reinforce beliefs that they are not to blame for their irrelevant existence instead of taking responsibility for themselves and work towards something productive (i.e. Not wasting hours shitposting on a japanese image board)

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Not totally, he's really keen on making it seem like lots of people agree with him. It's not that he hates the jews so much as he wants to feel like he belongs to something important. The alt-right meme has got him all excited, finally he can be a part of something.

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No, it's a scholarly book that details the evolutionary reasons for jewish behavior, which I assume means your people's behavior, and thus summons the vitriolic posts people like you and >>10197145 spew out in an attempt to keep others from reading it.

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Shakespeare is milton's son, my man.

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>No Chaucer
I'm just gonna head out here, friend.

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Uhm hes like 60 years younger, not even possible

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what literary purpose does gilgamesh serve, besides its obvious historical value? its not particularly well written and I'm not aware of it being very heavily referenced. Perhaps replace it with the bible, as a supplement for those other religious writings

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>epic of Gilgamesh
>Paradise Lost
>taking them this seriously
I'm disgusted.

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Paradise Lost is great though. Certainly rivals Dante, at least in English form

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Frankly the Big Five should be the five best epics.
So Iliad, Odyssey, Inferno, Purgatorio and Paradiso.

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>forcing meemees

the meme trilogy is IJ, gravity's rainbow and Ulysses

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>shitting on Gilgamesh
Truly pathetic. Gilgamesh as a character is deeper and more developed than any one from Homer's epics. The poem's verse is stunning even in a fairly literal translation (Andrew George) and its influence is gargantuan. Maybe a modernist didn't write a meme book referencing it but it is nonetheless the cornerstone of western literature that shaped jewish/christian and Greek mythology. You people don't seem to be capable of reading the fucking wikipedia page.

Fuck off with your forced memes.

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>You people don't seem to be capable of reading the fucking wikipedia page.
show me a stunningly written passage in verse from the book

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Can this meme end already

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I think most people already do. Certainly no one chooses Wallace over any of your five.

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The god Errakal was uprooting the mooring-poles,
Ninutra, passing by, made the weirs overflow.
The Anunnaki gods carried torches of fire,
scorching the country with brilliant flashes.
The stillness of the Storm God passed over the sky,
and all that was bright then turned into darkness.

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>When he had gone one league the darkness became thick around him, for there was no light, he could see nothing ahead and nothing behind him. After two leagues the darkness was thick and there was no light, he could see nothing ahead and nothing behind him. After three leagues the darkness was thick, and there was no light, he could see nothing ahead and nothing behind him. After four leagues the darkness was thick and there was no light, he could see nothing ahead and nothing behind him. At the end of five leagues the darkness was thick and there was no light, he could see nothing ahead and nothing behind him. At the end of six leagues the darkness was thick and there was no light, he could see nothing ahead and nothing behind him. When he had gone seven leagues the darkness was thick and there was no light, he could see nothing ahead and nothing behind him. When he had gene eight leagues Gilgamesh gave a great cry, for the darkness was thick and he could see nothing ahead and nothing behind him. After nine leagues he felt the north-wind on his face, but the darkness was thick and there was no light, he could see nothing ahead and nothing behind him. After ten leagues the end was near: After eleven leagues the dawn light appeared. At the end of twelve leagues the sun streamed out.

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goethe that dude

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Fuck you people. Culture of Critique. Fuck you, this is a literature board. The meme trilogy is fiction. Fuck you.

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Name 1 (one) important piece of literature influenced by the Epic of Gilgamesh

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Oh boy

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And why should not my cheeks be starved
and my face drawn?
Despair is in my heart
and my face is the face of one who has made a long journey,
it was burned with heat and with cold.
Why should I not wander over the pastures
in search of the wind?
My friend,
My younger brother,
he who hunted the wild ass of the wilderness and the panther of the plains,
my friend,
my younger brother
who seized and killed the Bull of Heaven
and overthrew Humbaba in the cedar forest,
my friend
who was very dear to me
and who endured dangers beside me,
Enkidu my brother
whom I loved,
the end of mortality has overtaken him.
I wept for him seven days and nights
till the worm fastened on him.
Because of my brother I am afraid of death,
because of my brother I stray through the wilderness
and cannot rest.
But now
young woman, maker of wine,
since I have seen your face
do not let me see the face of death
which I dread so much.

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>You people don't seem to be capable of reading the fucking wikipedia page.

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I am not impressed

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iliad/odyssey and the bible

>> No.10198295

how is the bible influenced by gilgamesh
>inb4 the flood narrative

>> No.10198298

idk i haven't read either of them but i'm sure i'm right

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The Epic of Gilgamesh is so, so far beneath the other four it's absurd. Replace it with almost any other canonical text and you'll be major.

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>inb4 answer

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>/lit/ in a nutshell

>> No.10198307

you can't prove it wasn't vice versa

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why do you people care so much about which books represent lit's taste?

>> No.10198323

>big four
>culture of critiqúe
this antisemitic screed is not going to stick as a meme, take your ignorance and hate back to pol

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How are the Iliad and the Odissey influenced by Gilgamesh tho

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So do you think his translation is bad?
I have the Fagles version for Iliad & Aeneid, but a Stephen Mitchell translation for the Odyssey
> Don't ask me why, because that's just what ended up happening

I'm not familiar on which translations are better than others

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why are you giving a serious response to that shitpost
fagles is fine, thats why its the best selling edition

>> No.10199168

Like I said. I don't know the top guys in the business of translating classical texts

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>the big four
That was never a thing you lying sack of shit. There was only ever the meme trilogy consisting of IJ, Ulysses and Gravity's Rainbow. And this "big 5" looks like crap. The Epic of Gilgamesh, The Iliad & The Odyssey is shit people should read at the beginning of their literary journey.

>> No.10199177

why should gilgamesh be read at the start of the "literary journey"

>> No.10199180

Because it's old n shit and clearly has influence on other texts. Eg. Muh Flood story.

>> No.10199182

what influence?
you cant prove it influenced the flood story as opposed to vice versa

>> No.10199186

No shit Sherlock. You're a smart child aren't you *pats head*. If the whole "influence" thang doesn't make you interested n shit then because it old n shit. And if that doesn't satisdyf yuo theen fuck of. Yur lose.

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>fagles is fine, thats why its the best selling edition

>> No.10199194

>I'm not familiar on which translations are better than others

>> No.10199195

FUCK I just got deja vu from your post
>critical reception and sales aren't a good thing
Lattimore is shit and only lauded for muh accuracy. Pope is probably better than Fagles though but hard to find

>> No.10199196

wow you're an autist
>historical relevant =/= literary merit
I get a strong feeling you've read none of those books
>influence on other texts
>can only name one dubious influence

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fucked up how ignorant /lit/ is of gilgamesh's influences. i remember reading it a few years ago and literally everything in it has become a cliche.

you know that part in your favorite movie/book where the protagonist hypes up a fight with someone who is seemingly an antagonist but they both put up a good enough fight they gain newfound respect for each other and become bros? gilgamesh started it. it's also the first ever appearance of zombies in text

>> No.10199200

>Pope is probably better than Fagles
The state of this board
>but hard to find
What's the internet
Just buy Fitzgerald, Lattimore isn't great, said to be accurate yet botches the opening stanza and makes the rest terse, still much better than Fagles.
I and many others read Pope and Latimore/Fitz side by side because we aren't fucking idiots who just wander into great works

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The best translation of Faust is David Luke

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>gilgamesh started it.
You think that might be because it's the oldest story,how could it not do things first when it literally does everything first

>> No.10199210

What are you preferred Greek, Russian and Latin translations so I can trust you

>> No.10199211

those aren't really explicit references, the way Homer and Aeneas works are explicitly references
also, one could argue that Gilgamesh didn't use those devices particularly well, but thats subjective.

>> No.10199218

none of those come close to CoC

>> No.10199221

>has to argue with a drunkard on a Mongolian basket weaving forum with a drunkard
>creates decent arguements while providing no evidence n shit himself n shit u no wat im saying
You're a fag hahahahahaha

>> No.10199222

>Shoves embarrassingly stupid fringe conspiracy theories into every discussion
>"why do people hate /pol/"

>> No.10199227

>reading translations/transliterations
Sincerely kill yourself.

>> No.10199228

I'll just give you a source: Encyclopedia of Literary Translation into English vol. 1, pg. 545. "David Luke's translation ... is superior to all others in terms of melody and intelligibility..." There's more of course but I'm not going to type it out. You should be able to check it on Google Books.

>> No.10199231

bad point. direct influence is irrelevant. if C was influenced by B, and unbeknownst to C, B was influenced by A then C was influenced by A

what you're saying is "well what if B wasn't influenced by A and came up with it by himself?" i can easily say the same about C

>> No.10199232

>muh /pol/ boogeyman
Even when it is "/pol/" it's 99% r_The_Donald.

>> No.10199235

>Learning Homeric Greek
Not even a good meme desu

>> No.10199237

Dodging the question makes me a lot more suspicious, what do you have to worry

>> No.10199238

kind of bastardized thanks to the normies

>> No.10199239

I'm citing a more competent authority than myself, so I don't understand you objection.

>> No.10199241

This reminds of how fucking boring the Organon was holy shit I got memed HARD
IJ is a distant second

>> No.10199248

>arguably the top five greatest epic poems of all time bar aeneid
>not a single "I" itt
>people shitting on gilgamesh
>people crying about DFW's absence
absolutely embarrassing desu

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OP replace Gilgamesh with the Bible, Shakespeare, Hamlet or Biblical sections, change Fagles and then we can meme it

>> No.10199255

Fagles is a fine translation. There's no reason to change it other than trying to seem sophisticated through obscurantism.

>> No.10199256

Including Gilgamesh but not the Bible or Shakespeare on an Anglo board is odd

>> No.10199258

Go back to r*ddit, 9fag, SA, or wherecever tyhe fuck you came from.

>> No.10199259

I'm from /pol/ should now it's starting to sound interesting]
quick rundown?

>> No.10199263

why do people keep meming the bible on this board? not an atheistfag im genuinely curious. is it well written? should I read the KJV version? please reply with your favorite passage from the bible to this post

>> No.10199265

>yfw the same meter is used in latin as homer used in greek even though its 1000x harder in latin

>> No.10199268

certain parts are generally considered well written. its also referenced very often in other works

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>Wild eyes were another sign. It is something I have seldom seen — the expression of an ecstatic state — though much is foolishly written of them, as if they grew like Jerusalem artichokes along the road. The eyes are black, right enough, whatever their normal color is; they are black because their perception is condensed to a coal, because the touch and taste and perfume of the lover, the outcry of a dirty word, a welcome river, have been reduced in the heat of passion to a black ash, and this unburnt residue of oxidation, this calyx, replaces the pupil so it no longer receives but sends, and every hair is on end, though perhaps only outspread on a pillow, and the nostrils are flared, mouth agape, cheeks sucked so the whole face seems as squeezed as a juiced fruit; I know, for once Lou went into that wildness while we were absorbing one another, trying to kiss, not merely forcefully, not the skull of our skeleton, but the skull and all the bones on which the essential self is hung, kiss so the shape of the soul is stirred too, that's what is called the ultimate French, the furtherest fuck, when a cock makes a concept cry out and climax; I know, for more than once, though not often, I shuddered into that other region, when a mouth drew me through its generosity into the realm of unravel, and every sensation lay extended as a lake, every tie was loosed, and the glue of things dissolved. I knew I wore the wild look then. The greatest gift you can give another human being is to let them warm you till, in passing beyond pleasure, your defenses fall, your ego surrenders, its structure melts, its towers topple, lies, fancies, vanities, blow away in no wind, and you return, not to the clay you came from — the unfired vessel — but to the original moment of inspiration, when you were the unabbreviated breath of God.

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thats not a passage from the bible

>> No.10199282

For fucks sake making things accessible to the plebs will by definition dumb it down, that is a worse version. I don't know how you could argue this. If we are talking influential great works, then for an English translation we must pick Pope which is by far the greatest interpretation, that is what you need when translating poetry. With Pope you are reading for Pope just as much as Homer

>> No.10199283

This just makes you look new

>> No.10199286

wow im sold. which translation of kjv should i get?

>> No.10199288

Stop replying you fuckin queer

>> No.10199295

Um, this isn't from the Bible at all. Wtf?

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Here you go lads, Fagles vs Pope, same section, random selection

On this Vulcan kindled a fierce fire, which broke out
first upon the plain and burned the many dead whom
Achilles had killed and whose bodies were lying about in
great numbers; by this means the plain was dried and the
flood stayed. As the north wind, blowing on an orchard
that has been sodden with autumn rain, soon dries it, and
the heart of the owner is glad—even so the whole plain
was dried and the dead bodies were consumed. Then he
turned tongues of fire on to the river. He burned the elms
the willows and the tamarisks, the lotus also, with the
rushes and marshy herbage that grew abundantly by the
banks of the river. The eels and fishes that go darting
about everywhere in the water, these, too, were sorely
harassed by the flames that cunning Vulcan had kindled,

The power ignipotent her word obeys:
Wide o'er the plain he pours the boundless blaze;
At once consumes the dead, and dries the soil
And the shrunk waters in their channel boil.
As when autumnal Boreas sweeps the sky,
And instant blows the water'd gardens dry:
So look'd the field, so whiten'd was the ground,
While Vulcan breathed the fiery blast around.
Swift on the sedgy reeds the ruin preys;
Along the margin winds the running blaze:
The trees in flaming rows to ashes turn,
The flowering lotos and the tamarisk burn,
Broad elm, and cypress rising in a spire;
The watery willows hiss before the fire.
Now glow the waves, the fishes pant for breath,
The eels lie twisting in the pangs of death:
Now flounce aloft, now dive the scaly fry,
Or, gasping, turn their bellies to the sky.

Take your pick brainlets

>> No.10199312

fagles sounds so beautiful effortlessly and pope just comes across as needlessly erudite and tryhard

>> No.10199327

Fagles of course.

>> No.10199331

Yep, Pope sounds like a poet Fagles sounds like he doesn't try hard

>> No.10199339

wow I bet you really smirked to yourself while typing that little gem out

>> No.10199350
File: 259 KB, 1878x2106, Smile-with-Teeth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What can I say, I am poet at heart, but a warrior embodied ;)

>> No.10199367

First of all, I can tell you're a newfag because Culture of Critique is not part of what you call the big four. That's just some fag that keeps spamming that shit.

Second of all, it's "aye, not "i"

>> No.10199368

Here's Chapman

Mulciber prepar’d a mighty fire,
First in the field us’d; burning up the bodies that the ire
Of great Achilles reft of souls; the quite-drown’d field it dried,
And shrunk the flood up. And as fields, that have been long time cloy’d
With catching weather, when their corn lies on the gavel heap,
Are with a constant north wind dried, with which for comfort leap
Their hearts that sow’d them; so this field was dried, the bodies burn’d,
And ev’n the flood into a fire as bright as day was turn’d.
Elms, willows, tam’risks, were inflam’d; the lote trees, sea-grass reeds,
And rushes, with the galingale roots, of which abundance breeds
About the sweet flood, all were fir’d; the gliding fishes flew
Upwards in flames; the grov’lling eels crept upright; all which slew

I think he's the best actually, good balance but this isn't a great passage, just picked it for continuity

>> No.10199374


>> No.10199422


I'm sorry, I didn't think I had a life, but I somehow missed the Big Three becoming Four! When the fuck did this happen?

>> No.10199431

I think this is its consecration, the first time a non /pol/ shill acknowledged it

>> No.10199438

>Culture of Critique
This has to be a meme, right? Like, a really sloppy series of sociological texts aren't good literature or good philosophy. At absolute best they're political science, which isn't useful. I genuinely don't get this meme.

>> No.10199442
File: 208 KB, 480x452, lucky_star_misao_meme_by_bluefeather225-d7gjbew.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

With the exception of Paradise Lost, this is perfect. Good job , OP.

>> No.10199446

>With the exception of Paradise Lost,
Duel me faggot I can hardly respect a man who could claim such a thing

>> No.10199450

>Keeping Gilgamesh and dropping Paradise Lost
The fuck is wrong with you

>> No.10199491

>the cornerstone of western literature
>not actually known about by the west until the mid-19th century

>> No.10199511

Saved and will be spreading this

I'm doing my part!

>> No.10199520

>not a /pol/ shill
Choose wisely

>> No.10199535

>the only good literature has to come from from a genre that is explicitly tied with cliched notions of literature.
If you want to be spoonfed "good literature"join a bookclub pleb

>> No.10199550

>Believing in /pol/ jewish racial conspiracy
>Calling other people plebs
You're culturally appropriating our vernacular

>> No.10199564

>believing people on /pol/ are the originators of the jews are scheming liars meme and that it isn't as old as recorded history.

>> No.10199579
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Because it's the most referenced piece of literature in the Western world by far. Forget the 'Start with the Greeks' meme, start with The Bible (KJV).

>which translation of kjv should i get?
>which translation
On second thought, maybe reading literature isn't for you.

>> No.10199581

Counter-proposal pic related. Anons, please feel free to add recommendations or offer suggestions.

>> No.10199584
File: 221 KB, 1955x514, newbigfive.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

(Pic related.)

>> No.10199597

I suggest suicide

>> No.10199598

Cucked pseud

>> No.10199599

isnt that Tommy Oliver? rip dude

>> No.10199600

Have you even read any of these titles, anon?

>> No.10199601

He's jewish, so of course not.

>> No.10199603

Protestants out, this is a Catholic board

>> No.10199633

It's still the meme trilogy
CoC has been shilled heaps the last months but it's just a forced meme, it will never be a long lasting meme on this board and will probably die once the shilling stops

>> No.10199678

lol did you think that board was a fucking democracy ?
shill it until it works

>> No.10200189

how about we replace the epic of gilgamesh with musil's the man without qualities tho

>> No.10200250

idgi the books in OP are supposedly the greatest poems of all time. surely better than the big three at least. why is everyone mad?

>> No.10200273

Very few people ITT have ever finished Gilgamesh. The only people who are pissed are faggots who spent the last year reading the Bible, St. Augustine, and Marcus Aurelius for the first time and it makes them feel good to know that their newfound appreciation for something they used to think little of is not shared by their peers. It gives them a sense of superiority. In reality, people like Marcus Aurelius and St. Augustine were the Dr. Phil's of their time. The Bible, although undeniably influential, is nowhere near are masterfully told as Milton's Paradise Lost. You should disregard these anons' opinions on everything because they don't read with a critical mindset, they are contrarians at heart. In all likelihood, they had a phase in their early adolescence where they were militant atheists for a few weeks and they felt so good. Remember when you were the first of your friends to find out Santa wasn't real? That's how they felt with God. Now that atheism is mainstream and normie, they're scurrying out to buy every last christian thing they can get their hands on in order to maintain their distance from 'normies'. It's a fashion trend for them. I'm not saying God isn't real or that Religion isn't important. I'm just saying that people ITT are LARPers who treat ideology like fashion. Ignore their opinions on everything.

>> No.10200291

>All in favor say I

It's 'Aye' you cretin

>> No.10201523
File: 387 KB, 599x801, 8a269f746928b4755746f06ea559675e1c43a8cba48829b3e4fbd2af7619a4f8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Things change. The wisest learn and adapt, and read the Culture of Critique. There's no going back.

>> No.10201709

Camp of saints prose is actually good. I think houellebecq had read it before writing submission. The Bible shouldn't be there. I didn't read any of the other ones (not even the Bible actually), but I was told, even by left wing people, that evola is an interesting read

>> No.10202480

Reader of Greek here, it is possible that you all are giving literary credit to homer's work that should actually go to the translators. I understand that his work was the Bible to the ancient world before the Bible forcefully took on fame, and for the time period, yes it was quite an achievement. I've studied both at a masters level, read a ton of scholarly articles and my thesis was on related Greek lit. But the literary value is on par with the Old Testament (this is not a complement). It was written at a time when inner dialogue or reflection was unheard of in literature and there is absolutely no character development (this might seem petty at first, but the 'absolutely' here makes all the difference, the characters are not human, they are images of character traits). Homer's work is glorified accounting of a verbal story culture. It is important, but damn.

>> No.10202885


Fool is the man who took that screenshot believing that that entire okcupid account isn't just a big troll account

>> No.10202901

I always suspected this, that's way I stray from translations that try to be accurate, I think for ancient poems it's better to get an intepretation

>> No.10202903

I was here on /lit/ since the beginning and they said the same thing about infinite jest

>> No.10202909
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I'm gonna repost this whenever faglesfags try me

>> No.10202960

at least infinite jest isn't a shitty ideological work pushed for ideological reasons
good memes have come out of it but I'm yet to see anything interesting coming out of the culture of critique shilling

>> No.10202991

Hating books you haven't read is a good way to out yourself as a pseud.

>> No.10203217
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>hating something that's been shilled constantly to the point of ruining anyone's opinion of it is the sign of a pseud
keep thinking that pal, I'm sure people will love your meme book the more threads you make about it

>> No.10204466

-1, le anglosphere strikes again

>> No.10204477

Uh no I'm a PHILO-semite, thank you very much

>> No.10204982

for you: this is OP bumping yet again