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Was he /OurGuy/ ?

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classic paul dano

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I like Paul Dano's acting but he was such a bad choice for Pierre I'm-big-as-fuck-and-throw-tables "Bazooka" Bezukhov

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Hollywood's Tolstoy adaptations are cancerous travesty.

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What's his name again, /lit/?

Pierre "Dolokhov Can Fuck Off" Bezukhov
Pierre "Andrei's dead, Natasha I shall wed" Bezukhov
Pierre "Fresh Prince of Moscow" Bezukhov

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>Pierre I'm-big-as-fuck-and-throw-tables "Bazooka" Bezukhov
>Pierre "Dolokhov Can Fuck Off" Bezukhov

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he reminds me of my pretentious ex boyfriend, so yeah basically.

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Pierre "Lickin' Shots at L'Empereur" Bezukhov
Pierre "Tyin' The Fuzz To The Bear" Bezukhov

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>Pierre "Tyin' The Fuzz To The Bear" Bezukhov

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andrei's enlightenment upon seeing napoleon literally changed my life fampaitachi

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>the encounter between Andrei and Anatole in the hospital tent
Nearly wept, tbhwy

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Andrei is clearly the best character.
>mfw faggots always say Dostoevsky converted them to Christianity, not Tolstoy

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Tushin > Marya Dmitryevna > Nikolay Rostov >>>>> everyone else.

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What did you like about Nicholas Rostov?

I agree that Marya Dmitryevna was fucking based

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I thought Nikolay was only ok until I read the last few chapters. The way he deals with his serfs shows quality leadership and made me respect him a lot.

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He is such a faggot in the serie.

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>Andrei and Natasha's dance
tfw no qt russian gf to dance a waltz with

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Maria Dmitryevna at dinner with the hussar:
"What are you shouting for?
Do you think that the French are here?"

pic related

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Naw he is a cucky homo freemason, total cheeseball

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This. Freemasons will never be my guys.

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Being a freemason in Russia circa 1810


Being a freemason in Murka circa 2010

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