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Hey guys, I really want to get into reading books but it's very hard for me to find the motivation. I'm really into music and movies and in my free time I usually find myself listening to an album or watching a movie. Any advice? Thanks

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>I really want to get into reading books but it's very hard for me to find the motivation

Can you please just fuck off. Reading isn't for you. If you want to read, then you'll read. If you want to read more, then pick up a fucking book and turn off the TV, you thick cunt

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For what purpose? Why don't you just stick to things you enjoy.
If you have to be motivated to do it, what's the fucking point.

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Are you into classical music?

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If you don't like reading then this isn't the right board

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OP here. I really want to get into classical music, but it's hard for me to find the motivation. I usually just listen to pop music instead or suck off my dog.

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I do like reading, but I feel like i have to set aside time for it specifically which is hard for me to do

occasionally, I like baroque stuff mainly

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My suggestion would be to edge your way into reading by reading things you enjoy.

Do you like horror movies? Maybe try Macbeth, which has a decidedly spooky edge (including literal spooks).

If you've gotten through high school, you've been force fed some novels and short stories, presumably. Did any of them click with you? Follow up that lead.

For example, here's a classic that many high school students are assigned, that's a great story and a good read: Jack London, To Build a Fire:


Do you like that story? Then try some other of Jack London's stuff. Or Hemingway, who's early stories were strongly influenced by Jack London. Eg, The Battler

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thanks for the genuine reply and not being like the other twats in this thread. this is what I was looking for, have a good night friend

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Start with the Greeks or get the fuck off my board
That's not a meme by the way, we've got enough idiots posting here as is

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>implying anyone on /lit/ actually reads

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Here's another thought.

Check out 'Break Blow Burn' by Camille Paglia

It's a *very* accessible but quite good introduction to poetry, through a series of blessedly *short* essays on poems and sonnets by Donne, Shelley, Shakespeare, Dickinson, etc. Very solid insights into the *ideas* in the poems, and *also* into how poets use language to achieve their effects and make their various, sometimes very subtle points.

She has a very good feel for poetry, and long experience teaching poetry. This shows in the clarity of the essays. She's very good at explaining subtle nuances in a clear, understandable fashion. Also, she's a "classical" interpreter; she doesn't torture the poetry to make it fit some thesis she's determined to make, or impose bizarre or eccentric interpretations on the language.

By having a better and deeper understanding of poetry - even simply having a good understanding of a handful of short, important poems - you are in a much better position to have a feel for literature in general, and what literature is about -- using language to capture and express various aspects of the human condition -- with great writers (like Shakespeare) having a truly *profound* understanding of the human condition that goes beyond what is comprehended or dreamt of by lesser mortals (i.e., 99.9% of us). By learning to appreciate literature - perhaps just a small library of very good books - you can hitch a ride on the backs of these eagles and soar with them into the high, wild places, and plunge too into the depths. Look at it as an adventure, because it is.

Catch you on the other side, brah.

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I thought the spooks were in Othelo.


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My advice. Just go to a library or a bookstore and look around until something jumps out at you that really makes you want to read it. For me that book was Pimp: The Story of my Life by Iceberg Slim. Real trashy book. But it got me hooked on reading books outside of school. After that you can try dipping your toes into real literature.

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just read what you like you dumb bitch

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You like the idea of reading anon, which is different. The advice of "stick with what you enjoy is sound". That said, if you want to get into reading, find books you like (or if you don't know many authors for now, at least find subjects that are likely to interest you). Don't read for others, do it for yourself.

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Thanks for the laugh, anon

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kill your boss, then you'll no longer be so drained when you come home that you just want to vegitate

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