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I'm sick of hearing people say that philosophy has no real-life application. Every day my worldview and decisions are shaped greatly by the philosophy I've read. I can't even comprehend this idea that it will not change a person's life to study philosophy (as well as other forms of literature in general).

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Give concrete examples on how your worldview and life has changed then.

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there's no distinction between "real" life and the life of mind anyways. real life is whatever you spend your time doing before you die, which could happen at any moment

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I like GG Allin

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Okay. Here's one of many.

1-) Start out raised in Christian family
2-) Get spooked in middle school by meme atheists like Sam Harris, Chris Hitchens or Penn Jillette, who say there's no way to justify God telling Abraham to kill his son.
3-) Believe this entry-level philosophy for a while, faith decreases greatly, faith-based actions decrease
4-) Come across Kierkegaard in high school. Read Fear and Trembling.
5-) Realize that meme atheists overly simplified the story of Abraham and Isaac. Faith increases, faith-based actions increase.

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Not a big fan of his music but what a character

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GG Allin wrote Please, Please Me

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All philosophy was based on religion.

Even atheist philosophers like Aristotle still followed the laws by the Greek Gods.

Even atheists back in ancient Greece thought homosexuality was an abomination

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Enjoy your Hadot, faggot.

Your notion of what constitutes philosophy is literally 2000 years old. Things change.

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It's interesting to think about, but tomorrow morning I still have to wake up, fight traffic, work a shitty job, and keep a roof over my head and food on the table.

I have yet to read anything that changed my daily existence.

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>be retarded
>read one book and change opinion
>still retarded
>read another book and change opinion again
>still retarded

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>the everything needs to have real-life applications meme
then why do anything but work all day?

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He doesn't say philosophy gives you super powers anon.

Traffic is probably one of the top 5 worst aspects of human society though. I think its solution needs so much more attention from us. It literally turns everyday people into the prisoner mindset every morning as a ritual. Fucking deplorable.

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More interested in whether you have an actual argument in support of the idea that philosophy has no real-life application. I have yet to hear one.

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Leisure has a function anon you retard.

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>Revert to believing whatever you were raised to believe.
Not really surprising. That's how most people approach philosophy. Reading philosophy rarely changes people's minds. People seek out whichever philosophers justify their beliefs.

How people think philosophy works:
>Read philosophy.
>Rethink your beliefs and biases.
>Grow as a person.

How philosophy actually works:
>Bring deeply held beliefs to the table.
>Seek out philosophers that agree with you.
>Strengthen your deeply held beliefs by adding an intellectual basis to them.
>Nothing changes. You're now just more convinced you're right.

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I never implied that

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Things have changed since high school. I feel more atheistic nowadays. And I don't see where you're coming from either. The ideas I read in middle school were not ideas that I seeked out, or wanted to believe in. In fact, they irritated me. But they did change the way I acted. By the time I found Kierkegaard in high school, I was much more comfy in my lack of faith. Kierkegaard upset me also. I can't take seriously this idea that I have used philosophy solely as justification. However, even if philosophy was used solely as justification for actions, then clearly it has real-life application, which is my point in the first place.

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When the entire field of philosophy starts getting called problematic I'll keep an eye out for your Huffington Post article

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the people you're talking about don't really read philosophy, it's more like pop phil, easy core shit

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Do you consult Plato every time you take a shit? Get over yourself.

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>when they have no argument and start getting mad

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Maybe I should consult Diogenes and start shitting in the theater.

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There is no argument to be made. When people make that criticism of philosophy, what they're really talking about is metaphysics (and they're right). Philosophical ethics is obviously practical.
Diogenes is my boy. I'd shit wherever he told me to.

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Is there a school of niceness?

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>What they're really talking about is metaphysics
Okay, I'll take this

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I've had this conversation at least a dozen times with the average illiterate. It's always metaphysics theyre thinking of, or theyre legitimately retarded. Now I don't discuss philosophy at all unless I know the other person reads or is interested up front.

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I can't agree with this whole "metaphysics is useless" thing. Take Thales; he opposed the idea that "everything is actually made of water" to the traditional fourfold understanding of the world (earth, wind, water, fire) because the ancient Greeks lacked a proper conception of a unified existence. The Western world had a hard time with the concept of existence until Duns Scotus. But the problem wasn't that no one knew what existence was, the problem was that the different ways of expressing this concept seemed irreconcilable due to linguistic hang ups. So I would say that there's a way to do metaphysics "wrong," that way being to treat it as an empirical project , while the "right" way to do it is to treat it as a logical project, specifically one that works toward the clarification of language. Metaphysics is philosophically useful because it provides a gymnasium for tautology, a place where one can hone one's understanding of tautology and apply it to other areas of philosophy.

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I don't necessarily agree with it either, but consider your audience. All of that would completely fly over their head. At the end of the day, most people spew nonsense they know nothing about.

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>have to

Well you don't read deep enough then. How fun with that "life" of yours - or at least someones.

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>How philosophy actually works:
>Bring deeply held beliefs to the table.
>Seek out philosophers that agree with you.
>Strengthen your deeply held beliefs by adding an intellectual basis to them.
>Nothing changes. You're now just more convinced you're right.

Doesn't understand openness as it relates to personality, especially for highly rational people. That philosophers are less likely to have open personalities is more a sign of the times than a universal truth. Creativity within philosophy is systematically destroyed or diluted into social relations with people at peak sexuality. It's a matter of fact of existing within the environment, not how philosophy works dipshit.

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