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Do you guys like his work, or not?

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I think I once saw a woman and a liberal guy read his works, so I'm going to have to say no to avoid being called a numale feminist cultural marxist anti-white globalist cardigan-wearing commie vegetarian cuck

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I haven't read nothing by him besides
The Masque of the Red Death and don't remember it quite well.

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Why would anyone read Poe? He's basically just a worse Lovecraft

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I do like his poems - have some memorized- and short stories

/pol/ literary criticism

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Lovecraft is for kidz

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We hate his work with a burning passion. Don't we, /lit/? Yes we do.

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I am fond of some of the stories by him that I read in school, particularly The Telltale Heart and Cask of Amontillado, but I haven't read him since then.

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Some of his stories are very fun and imaginative, others are dull and autistic, it is hard to describe

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Harold Bloom said either his poems or short stories were dreadful... can't remember which

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He is wrong

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Haha, great criticism of modern political culture, Bucko!

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Definetely, even if some of his work is garbage he has some solid gems

Besides The Raven is still a masterpiece, the kind of shit you don't even need to dig poems to appreciate

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He invented the modern detective story and revolutionized horror. Regardless of his quality, which is also very high, he's a great, important author.

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>falling for b8
>using dashes like a mong

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Some of his short stories. Not his poetry. Never read Eureka, Gordon Pym, or his essays.

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People like you are so utterly dull and tedious, and yet ten a penny for all that. I doubt you could analyze the merit or lack thereof in a passage of literature to save your life. All you can do is throw out insipid comments like "x is a worse y," "x is dreadful," or some miserable anecdote or other.

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Don't fall for weak bait pls

Lovecraft is just a dumbed down Poe, if hes retarded enough to like that let him be

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What's the best in-print edition of his stories and poems?

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Eureka's both difficult and kooky. The Philosophy of Furniture is interesting but left me wanting more. The story of his I really like is The Man in the Crowd. Unfortunately, with the possible exception of having enjoyed Hopfrog while reading it, that's pretty much it for me. Perhaps Usher..

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I got the complete works that barnes and noble put together as a gift sometime back, and still really like it.

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Am I the only person who likes Thou Art the Man? It's everything good about 19th century detective stories fit into half an hour.

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>Disliking Lovecraft
Yeah, I get it, you're just too smart for Lovecraft so you have to act contrarian

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I really hope OP isn't the bitch that borrowed his compendium of works from my nearest library

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He's been in some shit but I enjoyed his roles in the Wes Anderson movies he did, particularly Rushmore.

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It's ok to like Lovecraft, but dont put him in the same league as Poe. Lovecraft becomes comedy if you read him enough.

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>tfw Lovecraft leads you towards the transcended state that laughs in the face of horror

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Of course I do ! He is one of my favourite authors . Gothic, melancholic and dark setting of his writings truly inspires me !

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Poe was a genius, but there are too many up and downs in his work, likely product of his life.

It is a shame that people compare him to Lovecraft, or even more, to King.

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Have a small, ragged collection of his complete works in 8vols. that i picked up at an Antique shop for $5 back when i was still in hs. just looked though it to find that i somehow never read that one (it follows the Purloined Letter in volume 4). i'll read it this evening and report back.

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Usually I buy books in english or french, but this time I settled with my subhuman language

Don't know if theres a version of this book in english tho, I really hope it does because the book is pretty neat: It separates some short stories into categories, with original illustrations in a black-and-white spooky tone before every one of them and then there is The Raven + The breakdown analysis of it by Poe himself on the last chapter

On my physical library of 300 books, this is my fourth book in portuguese because I really enjoyed the design and organization of it overall

If interested in seeing more about it just mute and fast forward

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Forgot pic

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Although he is my favourite poet, he has an undeniable mastery of English. His story telling is hit or miss.

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Ok. Read it. Liked how that there was never any doubt who did it, that all curiosity rested upon 'how's poe gonna pull this off?'
'Ol' Charley' reminded me of Foghorn Leghorn or a proto Southern used car salesman. Enjoyed it.

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Slit your wrists you fucking spastic

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