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I bought several books but I lack motivation to read anyone of them. Help?

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Read them

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Stfu this isn't helpful at all

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Just read them you idiot. There is no magic motivational sentence that will just drive you forever, all improvement is self-improvement. Read the books. Or don't.

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"We put off to tomorrow what we want to put off until death".
Also >>10020763

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it's not motivation, it's executive function.

Try stimulants, or a daily planner.

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You haven't read them because you either;

1. Don't realise that it will satisfy your ego unlike any other activity you are currently undertaking, or consider yourself to be capable of undertaking.

2. You won't extract egotistical pleasure from the act, and are confident enough in that assumption to avoid the act.

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Don't make it a big deal if you read them or not. Don't think that if you don't read them your lazy and if you do your smart.
Don't work yourself up about it and then it will be easy to take the first step.

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just sit down and read the first chapter or 10 pages. a good book will be able to pull you in instantly. go with some normie books at first if you want just to get you in the flow. doesnt hurt to start with catcher in the rye, even though its status is pretty polar among the community.

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Why buy them then?
Either return them or read them. There's literally nothing else to it, you dumb fuck.

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Start small
1. Read forums ( /lit/ counts)
2. Read short articles online
3. Read long articles online
4. Read a small novella
5. Read the fucking books

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Why do you need motivation? Reading should be fun.

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Send them to me, I'll read them for you and tell you what they're about

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I don't read at all.
I just post on /lit/ and read the wikipedia summaries of the books I buy to make myself look smart

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When I have a hard time starting, I set an alarm for 30 minutes then commit to reading until it beeps. Usually by the time the alarm goes off, if it's an appealing book, I am able to continue effortlessly

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>tfw reading fiction is not enjoyable to me because my mind perceives it as hard work as to "get" everything
Does anyone know how I could change this?

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List what you bought.

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-Infinite Jest
-Blood Meridian
-King James Bible
I also wanted to buy something by Murakami because it seemed interesting but then I read that he's for plebs

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I won't comment on the list, but one way to get encouraged might to read something about the books. Look them up on Wikipedia or something, see if something catches your interest.

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Go with V., it's quite good

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stop buying books because /lit/ mentions them.

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Nice pasta

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Just get books from a library. Then you'll have a limited amount of time to read them and it will motivate you. Also you'll save money.