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>video games

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Really gets the old noggin joggin'

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Actually kill yourself. Not metaphorically, actually fucking kill yourself. You are on a Eurasian teapot peddling service and you dare insult people who are trying to find refinement in one of the youngest of mediums? Do you really think what you are dong makes sense? Just fucking end yourself.

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The fact that I understand exactly what all these "memes" are referencing tells me just how much time I've spent on the internet for entertainment and amusement. All that time I could've spent bettering myself, or actually reading...

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Walden: The Game.


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you DARE to insult GAMERS like myself?????? i'll have you know that we are scientifically proven to read better based on our adjustment to high framerate.... pff like some HIPSTER like you even knows that

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>when the virginity kicks in and you realize your whole life is garbage and you don't even read but you wish you could and everyone laughs at you for being uneducated so you try to find solace in thinking video games can be a high-brow medium when the whole of society tells you it's for children
Start with the Greeks.

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But Chads play video games all the time.

Being a well-rounded individual who reads, watches movie, has a well-defined taste in music and, yes, also plays video game is what society likes.

Not someone who is completely obsessed with any one of those mediums.

Anime is trash though

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>spend $60 on Plato and Shakespeare no one bats an eye
>spend $60 on a new DANK vidya and everyone calls you are child!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK I WORKED HARD AT TARGET FOR THAT MONEY

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bg 1/2

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wow you sound classy as fuck unlike those dickhead videogame obsessed jocks amirite

you totally dont play video games bro

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I actually don't enjoy video games anymore or anything at all because the depression has gotten that bad to the point where even masturbation feels like a chore and I don't get out of bed for more than 5 minutes per day.

But sure, anon, if it makes you feel better.

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wow.. that sounds dark dude... you must be really introverted because only introverts realize the truth

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Holy ... I want more

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I think a good point of reference for how I feel about the game is Wolfe's Peace. There are several narratives happening with different degrees of accessibility. The Heavy Handed one (which i liked too thb) is a bit of a red-herring

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fuck books.. so pretentious

hur dur i read an outdated medium because i want people to think im smart!!!!

faggots. that's why i browse /lit/, to meet quirky gamers like me

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This is some next level autism.

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what the fuck is going on.

I've never seen anyone get so triggered

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Why are these images of "Gamers" but they have an anime or Joker background?

Are you making these up on your own, anon?

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joker is an insanely intelligent madman who has no time for jocks

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That shoe and sock combination is triggering me

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Lets make this worse

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Dead Souls 3

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historic post

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Kill yourselves.

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Kill yourself.

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I salute you, anon, seriously. Godspeed.

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