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hahah cool bro im an atheist too xDDDDD
I just love browsing more reddit but come here to say edgy things!!!!

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>pirating something you never would have bought anyway gets considered lost income
i don't understand this at all. i seriously never pirated anything i'd have bought if i couldn't pirate it. i feel that's what most people are like

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>Dosto has way more heart
>Dosto is the only philosopher to successfully write a novel
>Dosto is the better thinker
>Dosto, especially with his religious ideas

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What the FUCK are you on about? When was I talking shit? When did you show me up? Are you a fucking schizo?

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just finished No Longer Human.
it gave me a suffocating feeling of hopelessness in working towards a long-lasting feeling of peace.
is it common to have such thoughts after reading the novel? does Dazai have his own little subgenre of Werther syndrome?

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>Look at me, I will prove the existence of God using nothing but pure logic, athiests BTFO
But you didn't prove the existence of a God as imagined by Abrahamic tradition
>Well it's all a matter of faith anyway, maybe one day you'll understand, athiests BTFO

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How do I pronounce this?

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>What is the point of doing anything except combat training?

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>I am SUPERIOR, because I've read an OLD fictional story, made up by the BIG-NAME author
>she is inferior, because the fictional stories she likes are NEW, and only written by SMALL-NAME authors

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>he doesn't know

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I can't fucking find the second book of Dungeon Deposed on either Mobilism or IRC. I NEED TO KNOW IF HE FUCKS THAT MINOTAUR GODDAMNIT

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>and but so

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>reading translations

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>trying to convince us that anime is literature
>post an animated version of a book

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that line was so heavy

all of part 2 was like a sack of bricks

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>author mentions the name of the book in the book

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damn she legal?

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I think I got cancer

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exactly the same here

...I'm scared

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Did this Zizek guy have a fucking stroke or something? Holy shit its unbearable hearing his wet slurping and lisp.

If he doesn't have a medical reason for having it he shouldn't be doing public speaking.

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>Jordan Peter-

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