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fucking kys amerimutt
you clearly haven't read any german author besides Kafka
if you would have read you would know what anon is trying to say
the way kafka writes is different from the german authors
all the german /lit/ i read had some fairy tale feel to it(even Woyzeck) while Kafka feels like a nightmare or fever dream
also if you would read the german authors in the same order as on the chart you would observe that every author has been influenced by the previous
kafka on the other hand would be out of place
pic related is (You)

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I've got no time for any of that
except for the burger.

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All you can do is devise a way to stimulate intelligent people to reproduce. (((They))) are already promoting the counter and have been for a long time...

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>An American is a someone who is northwestern European
The Revolt Against Civilization by Stoddard

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>Im also not the amerimutt, Im Canadian which is a different sort of mutt. my ancestry is Scottish-English and I can trace it to particular families in the Scottish Highlands and southern England.
Don't take it personally, the banter simply begs to be delivered,

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