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>yet another race thread

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>stoicism as social currency

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>implying anything humans do is unnatural

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I am happy because I am finally different. I changed into a better version of myself, I can feel it in the depths of my soul.
It took me a life but I'm finally free from myself, finally, I am someone else.
I don't care about heavy existential shit anymore. I have accepted that the future is bleak and the only thing awaiting us is pain and death, but it troubles me not. This new me is ready to live and die, to enjoy life for as long as I can and suffer through despair, to fight until the world devours me. I am finally someone else, and I'm ready to live.

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>another iq thread

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Its literally just an extrapolation of Calvinism. If you can respect free will as one of the ultimate mysteries (and biblically substantiated in Leviticus) then the argument is of no more effect than the usual calvinist or hard-determinist fedora-tipping.

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>another IQ thread

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>another /pol/ thread

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Then don't boil it down. If anything, Nietzsche's work is best appreciated in isolated details and concepts rather than as an overall system.

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>another IQ thread

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I cant imagine reading fiction. Cant even imagine reading without the sole purpose of learning.

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>another fat bald man with opinions.

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>The Soviet Union was a triumph and a high point of human achievement

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But why though

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>another IQ thread

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>another iq thread

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>seing a psychologist for 2 years now for free
>not taking any medication

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pic related would be my face if my father wasn’t great already

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Any of you anons have anxiety disorder? How do you deal with it if so?
It’s sucking the life out of me and I don’t know what to do.

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>complacent boomer with a status quo mentality
God, I can't wait for that generation to literally die off.

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>another fantasy general

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> So how do you guy feel about being the highest IQ board ?

> Also books / method to increase IQ ?

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>another fantasy general

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