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Are you still a virgin if all you've ever had is gay sex?

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>read the Heimskringla
>find out that Odin is Russian

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>there something

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>If his work is only considered meaningful or insightful by retards...
...and the hundreds of people he personally counseled during his multi-decade career as a clinician and those who worked with him and cited his work as a research scientist and the academics who produced their own work stemming from his academic papers. What have you done? Post on 4chan?

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That's my opinion, and I'm entitled to it.

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What are some books with chapters that can be read in any order and still make sense or, more interestingly, that will give you a completely different but still coherent storyline. Naked lunch is the only thing I've read that's sort of like this

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>tfw no gf with ripening pillowlike breasts
why even live bros

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>Dust jacket

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> minority from uncle-tom or rich foreign middle class background with professional success and publications due to condescending low-bar treatment by Jew/Anglo/Mutt women in the managerial class LARPs as a self-made successful individual while denying their familial and community advantages most whiteys would never get
many such cases, I'm the same way but I can't cope like this because I'm white passing

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The ancient Greeks had a religion surrounding Bacchus/Dionysus. They would drink wine, dance, eat raw animals from the carcass, be emotional, indulge in all carnal senses and pleasure. That's how the power of the byakugan is kept sealed away. Neech suggested having a balance between the dionysus and apollonian sides. Apollonian is being more reserved, calculated, rational, and empirical too I think. He suggested channeling the dionysus side into arts and crafts which he viewed as one of the most important things a human can do.

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Yeah that's why all the apostles were women

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You cared enough to reply
I expected to be called based and redpilled

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>can't read
>is asking for books

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بصراحة لا تقرأ اي كتاب مترجم إن تقدر على قراءته في اللغة الاصلية
إذ يقصد الاوبي الكتب المصنفة بالانجليزية فلا يصح أن يقرأها بالعربية

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It’s going to be so funny when you catch your gf another man’s cock in her mouth

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Uh working out, getting treatment for social anxiety, studying/working hard, having goals, and not being a weird fucked up antisocial outcast?

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Cringe, right?

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umm...there is more to a good historical map than you can find in "free maps on the internet"

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How do you deal with massive amounts of information that you need to sort?
Is there some sort of indexing system that you use?

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I don't have a problem with stoicism itself, but the modern disciples of Marcus Aurelius are almost universally pseuds.

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>bait thread
>full of cuckservatives defending ZionU

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Are there any essays or philosophies on the psychological experience of growing up as an ethnic, racial, or religious minority in society? I don't want SJW type stuff either, so maybe something older? This isn't a bait thread.

I read 'The Wretched Earth' by Fanon and really enjoyed it, looking for more.

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