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>>book reading
>I don't actually read, I just come here to take notes so I can quote from books I have not read irl and trick people into thinking I am intelligent.
>I don't go to either, I am above both in my intellect. Academic institutions are only a means of oppressing your own intuition.
>I study life and everything, not in the philosophical sense more so I am a student of existence.
>>things like during COVID?
>I have not noticed anything different, I don't wear a mask, I will not be vaccinated, nobody I know is ill or has been ill and I still socialize as much as I did prior to the "outbreak". Sometimes I walk by people in the street and feign a dry cough just to see their expressions, truly devilish behavior.

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>5k pages per minute
>0% comprehension
yup, i'm thinking based

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>You're not as smart as you think you are
Yes i am.
>for giving the standard rebbit
quick I heard reddit saying water is good for humans. that means in reality it actually turns you into a tranny.

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I’ve been reading Platos Republic for the past 2 years

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>I do not think I will, actually, and the reason I won't is quite simple. I'll explain it to you. The reason I won't list any philosophies which may provide long term happiness is irrespective of what I say you will continue to be a fuckwit, very probably addicted to video games, pornography and memes, an inference I make by your choice of attached image and the way you structure your question. You're a vulgar triviality who lacks honest appreciation for even the simplest things, so to provide you with even a single philosophy which may provide long term happiness would be to cast pearls before swine, something I have been advised never to do. Do you have something vulgar and trivial to say in response maybe?

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Read Epictetus then come back.

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Why don't you post your thesis upon these observations? Then we can judge the merits of your claim. Be careful to define your terms.

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>Yes I'm a NazBol
>How could you tell

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I got laid at 21

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