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As he walked out of the warehouse's open doors, he realised that he was the top of a very tall mountain. He shivered; it was snowcapped, and the wind was cold. All he had was his tattered brown cloak and his piss-soaked blue jeans. I can't stay here, he thought.

Dawn broke when he was halfway down the mountain. John John sat down on a fallen tree nearby. He listened and heard the forest coming to life; the birds beginning to sing; the bushes beginning to rustle. He closed his eyes, replaying the events of the past day in his mind. He recalled the warehouse, the two headed man and then finally his conversation with the man in space.

After a very long time, he opened his eyes. The sun was shining in full midday glory now. It was a vision, he concluded. A vision from God. That man - the tattooed man, the ghost, whatever he was - was a messenger of God.

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