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Non-Sectarian Buddhism

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As a Guenonfag what is the best way to start with Buddhism? I literally know nothing of it. I have good knowledge of Christianity and less knowledge of Hinduism, yet I just completely ignored Buddhism for some reason. It seems far more linear than Hinduism which is a good thing
I was going to start with pic but maybe it's overkill

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Thank you. my goal was to at least try to read things in historic/chronological order.. i.e. start with whatever it was that the Buddha himself said, and so read parts of the Sutta Pitaka (e.g. the Middle Length Discourses, the Connected Discourses..etc) and then move onto Mahayana stuff possibly beginning with Nagarjuna. I am reading the Siderits as a way to ground the whole endeavor. again, it may not be the best way but I like to start at a very high level and then dig in. and so according to your point I would probably go .. Siderits -> some of the Sutta Pitaka -> ??? (Fill in the blank for me) -> Nagarjuna. pic related

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Namaste my niggas

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Leigh Brasington recommends

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Another one on buddhism

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Start meditating instead of reading. I'm not experienced, but what I read was In The Buddha's Words (Bikkhu Boddhi), With Each and Every Breath, then Right Concentration. I believe this is the best way to start, because the most important thing is to start a good practice of meditation, and these 3 will give you everything you need to know to start. I circled them in pic related. Reading and knowledge is very important, but what good would it be, if you do not put it into practice? And maybe you have been, I'm just making sure. It goes without saying, that it is always a good thing to learn, and you can you should continue reading as a part of your studies. But simply be careful not to fall down the rabbit hole of reading too much while neglecting practice. That's why the 3 books I chose on here are directly what one can get alot out of to improve their meditation practice. But you can start meditating right away, which would be ideal. Already begin to practice the habit, even just 10 minutes on waking up every day. Don't go for an absurd amount, because then you will get frustrated, and give up altogether. First, just make it a habit. You have no idea how many people go 'Oh yeah, I can meditate for half an hour a day, easy.' And then they completely fail. So to start, 10 minutes as a part of your morning routine. If you cannot even do that, then do 5 minutes separately twice throughout the day. People nowadays have lost the ability to focus, so when you completely remove all stimulation, time begins to pass much slower. Me personally, I am ADHD, and my work and daily job requires constant DOING. Even when I am resting, it is always reading or some sort of information absorption. I am always working towards something, working at something. So to completely stop, was a huge shock to me at first. First, you must learn to focus. Something that will improve your meditation, is learning to focus. Focusing on one task in particular, for extended amounts of time. Now that I am here, I might as well give you some more quick tips on what worked for me. Meditation requires you to be in the moment. "If you are depressed you are living in the past, if you are anxious then you are living in the future. If you are at peace, then you are living in the present" - Lao Tzu. He's not a Buddhist but the teaching echo's true regardless. You need to BE in the present moment as you are meditating. A good beginner's way to do this is to observe your breath, as you breath in and breath out. You don't need to actually count anything, it's not a breathing exercise. It is simply to observe your breath. Maybe if you have the opportunity to do it outside, sometimes the sounds of nature can help. For example, this is why people like the idea of meditating by waterfall, because the sound of the water is at each instant moment, always drawing one towards the present, if that makes sense. It's also why observing your breath can be so affective.

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Here's a superior chart

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Forgot the chart..

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All the „wanna learn how to meditate“ books on the left side of this image. Then start practicing. Good luck

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The question of what exactly is a religion and what is the line between religion and philosophy are questions men smarter than me still debate. However, I will say the real authentic Buddhism that has been practiced for over 2000 years is a religion. It makes many supernatural claims and offers a transcendent vision of the universe outside the scope of a mankind’s reason. It’s teaching aren’t a modern scientific substitute for spirituality that just teaches you “to have good vibes bro”. You can follow the Jewish mindfulness thing if you want to but it’s not the real teaching of the Buddha.

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And they do so for the benefit of all beings. May all beings be free of suffering.

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2 Questions:
1. how do i approach making a proper study of Buddhism?
i have read the MMK, some other Nagarjuna texts, what the buddha taught, in the Buddha's words, 2 meditation books and the Dhammapada and Udana with commentary/stories

But i feel like i'm just randomly scatter gunning and i also feel like i'm wasting my time if i dont read them in pali/sanskrit.

2. how do i properly start practicing it?
i meditate for 30 to 60 minutes a day i bow before the buddha and occasionalyl do the Buddha puja recitation. i keep the 5 silas.
i tried to attend a buddhist meditation class but they said it's all gone online and they're not allowing anyone into the Vihara because of 'vid.
The temples near me are:
1. some weird western/tibetan buddhist cult temple
2. a proper vihara but with 0 information nd monks who do not appear to speak english
3. some sri lankan commuity temple

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that isn't about meditation though

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start with the 'jeets

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start with the 'jeets

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More so, there's also this chart, which is focused on Buddhism alone. It includes the books of the Theravada school, the Pali Canon Excerpts and the Dhammapada. But it does not include books from the Mahayana school, the Diamond and Lotus Sutra. However it claims to be a non-sectarian chart. Keep in mind I have read literally none of these books so I have no idea what I am talking about. However, if it has the books of one school and not another, then how is it non-sectarian? Regardless, I just finished reading the Upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita, and now I feel I am ready to move onto Buddhism, what books should I read as a beginner?

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start with the 'jeets

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Well /lit/, I decided to start with the Jeets. I am reading the Upanishads, then I will read the Bhagavad Gita, and then I am going to read In The Buddha's Words. However, I have seen here that a lot of people talk about how they make the mistake of reading too much, and how they neglected their meditation. So for my spiritual journey, to avoid making the same mistake as they did, after these 3 books, I plan to jump right into it. I don't really know much about meditation, so I was wondering if any anons on here could recommend some good lit on the topic. Is it fine to read just that first book on the Suttas (the first one in pic related), or do I need to do some other reading first before I am ready? Is the chart of good quality, are those recommendations good? I don't know any better, so I will probably end up following it down to the letter, and read: The Mind Illuminated --> With Each and Every Breath --> Right Concentration. Also, for those of you who have spent time meditating, can you give me some tips, anything I should know going into it?

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