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In the creation of a market that you can exist within, how do you edge forward a unity of thought that appears novel except in the application of that thought to some apparent problem in a manner that is not just common sense but the closest way between two points? Is an editor or fiction writer or poet a different job? Is the heroic individualist really only a team of distributors attempting to solidify their position within the hierarchy, or is the agency of those distributors solidified into the company itself merely because it must exist within a market? Is there any reason to write without The Team or without an alley; is the opposite not a useful reflection, even if it must occupy ignorance? I can't seem to get much out of sports.

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It is as insubstantial as Does God exist? How should one live is the only important question. Ethics and values and seeking the good are above how we should face technological determinism.

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Most writers are occupied in providing accounts of the content of philosophy, science, libraries, empires, and religions. Innis invites us instead to consider the formalities of power exerted by these structures in their mutual interaction. He approaches each of these forms of organized power as exercising a particular kind of force upon each of the other components in the complex.

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