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adorno was not a marxist, just a regular elitist, he was just so spooked by the germans that he pretended to go all the way to the other side to cope with it

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>if there's a lesson in marxist teaching it is that class struggle persists and the proof is trump's victor
sounds like empty grandstanding
>how much the electoral body moved to the right
ok, so what?
>their biggest achievement is that they broke out of this culturalist leftism
i guess they did, but any guy on the new right could tell you the same without pretending to be doing high theory
>here again marx is actual
is he?
>at the end you stumble upon the problem of capitalism
but marx wasn't against the "all solid melts into air" part of capitalism were all traditional institutions break down, he liked that part, and marxism doesn't address this issue at all beyond saying that if workers had direct access to the product of their work they wouldn't care about that loss, which is too hand-wavy to be taken seriously
>and we do not have an answer here
i guess he is correct here, but then why listen to him at all? any retard right winger on youtube will give you the same diagnostic, and no solution, but then again Zizek has no solution either so he is not offering anything that they don't

my verdict is cringe and slightly-redpilled

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