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I'm 43 and Vancouver has completely turned to shit in the last 20-30 years. It was a safe, beautiful place, ruined by non-stop progressive bullshit. Also the culture is extremely conformist, you are either a progressive or a nazi, there is no room for any nuance. Everyone with a blue check that is from Vancouver shares the same opinions in lockstep, the entire Twitter inventory of locals is, without question, staunch neoliberals who will LARP hard to uphold the globalist system. It is truly bizarre to live on the west coast and have witnessed how far this place fell from being a safe, affordable, friendly place to a dystopian nightmare hellscape of homeless people and NPCs in less than 20 years

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/wg/ optimists chime in!
>updated my website
>finished a chapter edit
>putting together a list of social media accounts to sign up for, in order to buy ads
>did a workout
>cleaned the office
Getting myself pumped up for a FINAL week of editing before giving it to a reedsy.com editor and begin work on finding someone who wants to work on the 2nd edition with me
Currently sitting in my computer chair butt naked with a tiny fan blasting at me, going to hit fucking 37c today, this blows!
>Stay positive bros!

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Time to write guys!

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Yes, because the tree also goes to the pub and shows off its paperback that it wrote. The tree also buys adds in the meadows and hires deers to shill his shit. The tree doesn't give up just because most other trees don't try hard at anything in life.

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Anon, I love your energy.

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This is all a part of Megan's run for President.

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I am so fucked up I cannot believe I'm still alive at 43. I pray to God every day for the strength and guidance to not fuck up and to be a better person.

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I'd love to read your first act if you'd share, trade you for mine? hehe.

I have no social media accounts, so I'm going to print paperback books myself for $1.25 in costs per copy and sell them for $20-25 per book. My belief is that there is going to be a huge resurgence in local storytelling, local art, and a growing "shop local" attitude in general.

How many views did your fanfics get? How can you translate that into book sales?

Good luck man! Maybe you will find the 1 blue hair at the publishing company that will give a bro a chance!

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This 100%

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What happened to living life, getting drunk, banging some chicks, and feeling accomplished?

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No... I got that idea from the process of writing my 1st book. Stepping back from myself, I looked at the problem from an outsider's point of view and it suddenly became very silly.

"oh woe is me I can only have sex and never love, wah wah wah!"

Countless times you'll see the same issue in your life and in other people's lives, they attract what they give off. As soon as my switched my mindset around to what I wanted in a woman, I almost immediately attracted her into my life.

I wouldn't want to start guessing who you are, but I'm going to guess you're not a fully independent, grown adult yet?

Once you get to the point in life where you are a seemingly confident man- someone who can look professional in a button up shirt or bad ass in a tank top- you can begin to attract women who have at least the self-confidence in themselves that they could keep that archetype interested in them.

Symbolism, status, clothing, appearance, blah blah... everything you give off will attract a certain type to you like flies to shit.

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This place desperately needs more authors. Please post your book and talk about it. Make a thread per day if you want, anything to stir up more positive conversation and less "this sucks, I'm blackpilled" type shit.

Oh, and ignore the torrent of hatred coming your way. The blackpilled non-creators of this board hate anyone even trying.

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Hey /Lit/,

One thing that I hear from some of my friends is that they prefer books that don't switch characters in the middle of a chapter. I remember reading a few books before that switch multiple times in a single chapter.

What's your view? Any good examples where split chapters works really well?

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I agree, mostly, but it is a battleground as well... since both sides can speak here. Reddit is so completely locked down that posting in one of the Canadian city subs has to follow the narrative to the fucking letter or you'll be shadowbanned. It is truly shocking to see how filtered /r/Vancouver is, for example.

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None of the above posters have ever had sex.

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