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Makes sense, but it's getting kind of old. Let's get another image. What should we use? I nominate pic related.

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>could be reading but I'm shitposting on /lit/ instead

How the fuck do I stop this?

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this thread is peak meta

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Deep down physics if fundamentaly random and unpredictable. Irl it gets smoothed by big numbers, but what if the "randomness" is actually a way to steer events.

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>Elizabethan England was a matriarchy

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The Bible

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We certainly don't need to know senpai.

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Your daily reminder that this is a shit board and most of you guys are not smart. It's pathetic how pretentious and pedantic a lot of you are. There is about 5% of you who make this board worthwhile, but unfortunately you guys get out-posted by the clamoring neanderthals. to the 95%, go fuck yourself, you 110 iq brainlets.

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>teh letturs r boring mommy, where the pictures?

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Look everyone, after literal thousands of years of extremely intelligent people pondering about this work of art, Anon has figured it out, let's have a round of applause for him, surely life will never be the same after today.

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Is scientism the worst meme of all time? Any time you bring up intuition or introspection or holistic/abstract thinking, the average moderner will think something along the lines of “muh science ... can I verify this in a lab setting?”

Just look at most stories that people are entertained by. Tragedy is about a certain sadomasochistic awe at the suffering and torture of characters. Comedy, equally, is often had at the expense of characters. Instead of just outright physically torturing people as in less developed societies, the desire for cruelty is refined into subtler, more psychological methods. That’s what Nietzsche means.

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