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Why do people on lit cares so much about whether the author is Jewish or not?

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>not owning cheap e-ink kindle and downloading all books b-ok.org for free forever

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Grandma says to light a car on fire on the otherside of town so the pigs are distracted for a good 30 minutes

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do you have parkinsons lad

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Imagine, a computer, this computer is in full control and its programs. You could say it has omnipotence, the computer does not exist in a physical world, rather a field on ones and zeros. After calculating a few billion calculations and finding the last digit of pi or some shit, he becomes bored, and so he creates a program that simulates a physical limited world, where you cannot simply wish something into existence. He fills this world with some items, and decides to populate it with primitive programs. The world is good, but then, a single program asks the computer "can you create a rock so big you couldn't even lift it?" The computer laughs at the stupid question, because that program cannot physically comprehend that the computer could create a rock the size of his universe, he could create a rock a billion times the size of his universe, that he could create a rock of infinite size amd density and still simply blow on it and have it go flying away at mach speed, that is because the computer does not exist within the rules of the universe, it creates the rules, dictates them. The concept of "lifting" was one he created to see how beings react and act when given limited power. The computer has no concept of inability or ability to do tasks, there is simply him, and everything that exists within him is him.

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pls no bully

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>That much of life is predetermined before birth?
>I think the concept of IQ is very liberating, actually

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