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>Is there free will.
No, everything to the smallest aspect of reality is deterministic, although this level of extreme determinism means that we may as well behave as if we do have free will, because our decisions matter, they just aren't technically decisions.
>Does god exist?
Yes, though it depends on your definition of God.
>Why is there evil in the world?
Why wouldn't it? You must define evil, it is an extremely subjective term. When a hawk kills a mouse, it is evil to the mouse, but necessary to the hawk. An objective "Evil" is a childish concept.
>What is consciousness?
A complex way to process and relate information together, possibly going as far as to attempt to understand the very laws underlying reality.
>Should I write a book with my answers and proofs?
Yes, but first you should actually answer your posited questions in this thread to prove you aren't larping.
>Would anyone read it?
I would if it seemed sensible and thorough in it's logic, rather than the schizoid ramblings of narcissists that are usually left when people think they've figured everything out.
Extremely based knower of nothing, this is better than my answer, we cannot know anything certainly.
Now, check'em.

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>get it ;););););););)

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this must be how your mom feels about cock

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you can't do anything intellectually oe physically challening when high. you can eat and fuck and watch adult swim and everything else is fucking impossible. fucking awful drug checkem

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yfw no discipline. what you need is a proper struggle. consider autodefenestration

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london fucking invented literature

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there is literally a 1000 and 1 threads discussing steps to brcome better writer, what to study,what to major in,etc etc

There was literally a thread like 1 hour ago about this shit im so sick of you fucking zoomers, search the archive you mongrel cunt, you.

I bet you've seen these threads already and decided to post another one cause why the fuck not right? This is why youll never be a good writer, you need your hand held in every direction? You anonymous cunts online to tell you where to go, what buttons to press? No, you don't your just lazy,complacent and an untalented cunt. You think writers a few decades ago had /lit/?reddit? the internet? No you fucking idiot ofcourse the didn't, they just wrote, write you cunt why the fuck are you still reading my reply? write cunt, read stop procastinating you fuck shit mongrel.

I'm reporting this thread for the sheer fact of shit it is jesus, this board is absolute shit today but posts like this are the fucking worst, you know damn well people here will give you the worst advice in this scenario.. what the fuck you want me to say "Start with the greeks,read,write and maybe major in English" jesus such a fucking dry putrid gucking answer.

Fuck off mongrel

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maybe you should start saying it to sound smarter

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this guy was the first person to translate this entire text into english, and it took like a fucking decade. he's a fucking badass. checkem motherfucker

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>she reads literature
>he reads harry potter
i bet she fucks you in the ass too

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