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Thanks anon.

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>Be 11 or something
>Dad gives me Clan of the Cave Bear to read
>Mostly read at night before bed
>Leave book on bedside table
>Parent's friends come over for lunch
>We're sitting around table, eating and talking
>Mom's friend goes to bathroom
>Comes back holding my book
>Anon, are you reading this?
>Yeah, for a few weeks now. I like it
>Anon, this is a pretty grown up book! I'm impressed.
>Dad says he gave it to me because I read so much
>I can tell he's proud of me
>Adults talk about children reading big books
>Mom's friend keeps saying how impressed she is and how mature I must be
>Has her arm around my shoulders for the rest of lunch

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Godspeed anon, make it happen for yourself.

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