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The bar for success at the undergraduate level is extremely low, you can write like you have an IQ of 80 and English is your second language and still pass. Even in the English Major programs, they care way more about structure and argumentation than they do grammar and sentence structure; in fact, grammar and the associated elements are usually only 10% of the paper’s grade.

> Bullshit thesis
> Find textual “evidence” you can claim proves the bullshitted thesis
> Strong topic sentences that act to state the main point of the ensuing paragraph
> Follow each quote or source with a sentence explaining how it relates to your main argument (what it demonstrates etc.)
> Last sentence of each paragraph acts to conclude the main argument of that paragraph in a way that relates it to the next main point
> Essay’s conclusion paragraph restates thesis like a 10th grader then discusses the significance of the thesis in broader potential terms.

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Raskalnikov (I think it’s called) from Dostoy’s “Crime and Punishment”.

Severus Snape.

Cain, as in “Cain and Abel”.

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Best E-Reader?

Have way too many physical books. Not really interested in color capability because most of my reading is historical.

t. /his/

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Seems legit just make sure you’re not an undisciplined piece of shit; actually do reading on the side. At least try to, maybe by picking a niche field of literature or branch of philosophy and going deep on specifically that.

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beat u too it my fren :3

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Guys, my prof has offered extra credit if I can bring in some good Greek memes — preferably those of Socrates/Plato. Dumping what I have so far:

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Why would I feel threatened by intelligent women? They're not competition.

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death in venice

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>Rule 1: Plato is always right.
>Rule 2: Ostensibly evidence to the contrary actually further proves Rule 1.
It's true

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>recommending OP read all this fucking shit
starting with the Greeks is mostly a meme, there are only a few selected dialogues that you need to read from the pre-Socratics through to Aristotle and some of the Aristotelians like Thomas Aquinas and Avicenna to situate yourself within the concerns that eventually get picked up by the Early Moderns -- anything more than that is completely superfluous unless you want to get into an in-depth study of Greek philosophy and be like a classicist.

Perhaps I should make an infograph based on the syllabi I had when I was an undergrad.

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I hold presuppositinal axioms of the philosophy of Marxism to be true.

But, I do not self identify as a Marxist. So, you may not hate label me as such, bigoted anti-Marxist white Male.

My pronouns are; "not a marxist", "definitely not a marxist", and "Slavoj Zizek"

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The fact that so many people in these threads think that what Peterson has done; crafted a psychology course so easy to follow and understand that even brainlet retards like the ones flooding these threads can understand, when the course is based around jungian psychoanalysis (which is insanely complex and deep, entire organizations exist to transcribe and articulate his work) is a testament to his scholarly excellence.

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If the realization that you are the universe experiencing itself isn't in a t way revolutionary to your conditional comprehension of reality, and as a concept its relationship to metaphysics, then you haven't understood it as anything more than a metaphor for something unconscious you haven't come into contact with psychologically.

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Can a lesser man be held to the higher standard of the stronger spirit? Can the perfect man be holy in his greatness without integrating an intrinsic evil?

Are no men higher than others? Greater? More Sanctimonious? Perhaps.

But there are many men who abide a morality which bears the weigh of much more than the lesser man's spirit.

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Can a lesser man be held to the higher standard? Can the perfect man be so without evil?

Are no men higher than others? Greater? More Sanctimonious? Perhaps. But there are many men who abide a morality which lifts up more than the lesser man's spirit.

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>never really engaged with philosophy
>think plato is impenetrable old obscurantism
>pick up a relatively modern translation
>reasonable language used to explain reasonable ideas in a way that is anything but obscurantist
>actually enjoyable to read
Plato is fucking great.

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The intellective soul does not descend from the outer Zodiac into the child until around age two. You notice they suddenly acquire the language skills to say a sentence rather than mere words, argumentation logic, chains of questions, "why?" etc.

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Genealogy of Morals is a little bit more straightforward and he lays out his ideas more comprehensively. Still lots of mocking but that's the best part

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whats the big fucking problem with our Verstandbegriffe (kategorien/categories) correlating exactly to the categories which make up the world; as in perhaps by God as augustinus believed bestowed in all things and in us to understand. (does he simply not like the answers that might be drawn from this?)
Why is it necessary that these categories are selbstgedacht (self-thought /taught?); wouldnt that leave up the question as to how the categories were possible to have been thought off by our Verstand (understanding, idk how it is translated)?
I haven't gotten further than the Analytic of Terms(?)/ die Analytik der Begriffe, so I don't really doubt that Kant won't at some point elaborate on this further than one page of quickly mentioning this, to refute the sceptics.

I also find it impossible to question what he says, whcih leaves me with incredible doubt because even if this is the greatest work of western philosophy, it seems as though Kant, didn't just come up with the accurate understanding of reason but he never makes mistakes or exaggerations. I feel like I am being revealed what is unquestionably true.

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Swede number three here. I also do what these two do.

Except I don't speak french at all. I am a bilingual pleb who didn't pay attention in french class.

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Although this anon >>12000853 comes close, it is actually the Apology. Alternatively, read this


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