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This sounds like the best book ever written.

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This honestly sounds superb. Convinces me that the person who’s spamming about how much they hate F Gardner might just be one jealous guy who can’t stand that he’s so popular.

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Not him but the twist has been talked about a billion times before here, mate.

The best is to just jump into them. There’s nothing else quite like the insanity of these books

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>J.K . Rowling is a Mary Sue in her own universe

Not in the 4chan universe!

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i guess i understand why this is so popular here now. What would J.K. Rolling or Steven King say if they found out their in a book from 4chan?

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Best post so far. Keen ‘‘em coming

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Why was J.K Rowling in this book exactly?

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Eh the twists are one of the things F Gardner actually is really good at. The main appeal of Call of the Crocodile is the entire mindfuck reveal in it. That’s probably the main selling point. Pic related. Beware of spoilers.

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F Gardner

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A mindfuck horror book with lots of gimmicks? Probably this whole series

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Write a book as crazy as this
Also this
Just go to /r/ writing, mate. Your spams are getting old.

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It’s dawned on me that Call of the Crocodile is a kino book.

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I loved Call of the Crocodile

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Give the script to F Gardner

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They’re unbelievably based. Spoilers for CotC.
Call of the Arcade is definitely better than Croc

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This seems cool to me desu

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Depends on your definition of good. Gardner writes the craziest books.

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