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I've spent til 3 AM tonight brainstorming on the dead remains of mythos past but I accidentally connected something to the real world. Okay so Tartarus was the place where the Titans were sealed below. This is also the place where Archangel Uriel watches over the 200 fallen angels that rebelled with Lucifer.
That links the two places together which means believing in Heaven/God etc means the Titans exist in your myth. The Titans like Cronus can eat gods.
So I looked more into it and I see a lot of connection to the planets Saturn, but I specifically remember Saturn being really important to the "uniquely spiritual" sort.
I hypothesize that maybe the secret societies of the western world aren't Satanist or whatever, but what if their esoteric practices are trying to revive the sons of Ouranos (Father) and Gaea (Mother)? The Titans.
Oura Annus in Latin means breath of a year. Gaea is our earth, which to me means as time passed, humanity grew.
The study of Death has taught me many things, and though my words are a mournful dirge, I appreciate the cute things that keep me from taking it too seriously.
>I also think the Titan Phoebe is cute.

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