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Have you ever sold things online?

It isn't as hard as you think. If you buy a few ads and have some interesting images, people buy that shit. I'm going to advertise it on cycling / biking forums first as a joke, see if those readers will buy a book written about a guy who takes revenge for having his bike stolen. Who knows what will happen? That's what makes the journey as an artist just as enjoyable to some ambiguous destination of having "succeeded" at it.

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/Lit/ is beautiful.

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I literally predicted this in 2013:


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This crackhead started picking cans up with one cart.
He now has 5.
Was he delusional when he starting picking up cans?
My point is, nobody here is delusional about their quality of art. You are simply trying to be mean for your own joy.

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Seems to me there are a lot of highly intelligent posters here who are incredibly blackpilled. I hope to help raise the positivity of this place.

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Honestly this thread is inspirational.

We should all celebrate when a modern author completes something in this fucking insane year of 2021.

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This is precisely what is happening.

Being a narcissist myself, I'm impervious to being emotionally wounded by criticism. After reviewing both the good and the bad, I took /Lit/'s advice and fixed the tense-switching, will soon be shilling my shit all over this place and trying to link up with other authors.

Trouble is, not every author is a bipolar maniac who can shrug off unkind words from bad-faith reviewers. Imagine being some dude who has worked on a book for years, doesn't really have anyone to show it to other than mom and his family. They like it. He wants more opinions and posts it on Reddit, but he's a 4channer, so maybe his book offends a blue hair on /r/writing and he's banned.

So he comes here thinking he could get a more accepting environment, but instead people rip his shit apart. Bro is never escaping his wagie cagie, he'll put the draft back on the shelf and forget about it.

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