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Goodnight /lit/

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where did all the time go....

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Give it to me straight, is God real?

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>went to uni
>was in my manic state
>someone in class asked me to sign my name in the list of present students
>he had a bald face as round-shaped as a wheel, a perfect circle
>signed on the list and try to make a joke by saying "thank you, mr. Moonman"
>everyone stopped talking and they interpreted my joke the wrong way and thinks I'm a school shooter
>teacher reprimanded me
>left the class out of shame
>took the bus home
>tried to read Aristotle's politics
>failed miserably as i imagine myself being a slave in his ideal society
>went home
>shitposted a little
>cried myself to sleep
>still can't sleep
It's not comfy anymore when everyone's looking down on you, i should have gotten used to being humiliated, but i just can't help being autistic when I'm victim of my mania. As I went home I saw my old neighbors going out together and imagined I'd never find a partner, let alone live up to their age. I was in shambles, it seems like that event just added more fire to the suicide fuel, and obliterated that little bit of hope j had left inside me. I couldn't even bring myself to read, my autism costed my reputation and i don't think I'll be ever able to go back to class now. I can't even fall asleep because my mind won't shut down or tire of thinking about my utter shame. This is it. Life over.

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Night, boys and fags.

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Books that will improve your writing?

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>tfw Nick Land still hasn't responded to your email

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Think I met my shadow and he wants to murder me. Feels bad

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Did Jesus read the bible

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>tfw the only thing u feel when u read kafka is dread

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Dat feel when not utilizing every tool at your disposal

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How do I deal with poorly handling situations and embarassing myself? any lit on this

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I miss /fitlit/

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Which philosophy helps me to find meaning and motivation in life again?

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>OP is snuggling with an aristocratic qt RIGHT NOW while I am sitting in boxer shorts eating a Tesco value meal alone

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I miss Pessoa-chan

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>wake up in morning
>lie in bed and browse internet on phone for an hour
>go to bed at night
>browse internet on phone for 2 hours

Why don't I read instead?

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>be me
>sign up for creative writing course
>short stories module
>get told to read carver's stories from the anthology (set text) for next week
>it's next week
>75% haven't read the stories and takes pride in being cool-because-i-don't-read-despite-wanting-to-be-a-writer xDD
>75% of the class, therefore, has fuck all to contribute in discussing carver
>5 people available to contribute
>they offer great contributions:
>'Uhm, like... He uses "he said" and "she said" way too much, like, omg...'
>'wasn't he an alcoholic? i bet that's why he stories are about desperate men'
>see the lights go out behind teacher's eyes
>teacher twitching from collective class autism
>half the class continues in this fashion
>can physically feel my shekels being pissed away
>second half of class is workshopping stories
>get in groups
>am sat with two males
>one writes military sci-fi (warhammer fanfic)
>the other literally couldn't be bothered to write anything
>read sci-fi guy's story first
>it's utter shit
>pass my story around (has to be better)
>they both half read the story and literally
>begin discussing anime
>teacher comes over:
>'are you discussing anon's work?'
>'y-y-y-yeah! it's g-great!'
>paid for a limp discussion of carver and the sum total feedback of 'great'
>come to kafka-tier realisation that i am the true loser. i should become part of the heard; i am taking writing too seriously... they are mostly in relationships, live fulfilled lives, and i am just a bitter /lit/ fag wishing for literary stardom
>class is over
>and so are many other things

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How can I read books without feeling like a loser when streams of drunk normies living up their youths are walking below my fucking window? This is demoralising. It just feel pathetic.

Why do you never hear about Einstein's or other famous people's frustration at all the normies having fun when they sit inside working or doing intellectual stuff? This must have been easy back in 1900.

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I love English language and U.S. so much I feel more drawn to it than to my native language and home country.

Feels badman; I wish I could feel at home somewhere other than my perceived notion of U.S. but I just can't.

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>mommy found the cum cantos

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>Started reading a month ago
>Read a full book in a few days
>Its been 3 weeks since I've read anything and I have a book shelf waiting for me

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Anons over 25, how do you deal with the fact that most well-known writers were published by your age?

How do you deal with the fact that most musicians had already made a name for themselves by your age?

How do you deal with the fact that most comedians, actors, painters, and other artists had made a name for themselves by your age?

Do you feel like you wasted your potential? Do you feel embarrassed for not having made something of yourself by now?

Do you feel mediocre? Delusional? Past it? Embarrassed?

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I'm 24, still live with parents, and have no education. I don't have a job and it's a painful experience. I also have a sleuth of health problems which causes so much depression that I can barely get out of bed.

So it could be worse. At least you'll probably live a normal life-span and will be able to change your life if you ever decide to.

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