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May 1968
Prove me wrong

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>weird posture to the point you look like a tooth
Yeah okay bud
Maybe your relationship to reality is mediated by porn

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The real question of today is now
>why is there nothing rather than something?
Why is there only the truth-effect of simulacra rather than truth? Why is production entered into an unending process of reproduction? Why do revolutions only end by bringing more desire? Why do signs freed from their referent function better?

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Realistically unless your familiar with Saussurian linguistics you’re not gonna have any idea what he’s talking about. Without that or someone to help you through it you’re fucked

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His use of seduction is more the use value of emptied sign value rather than seduction as we think it, and feminine as that which offsets the identity of the masculine.
You definitely don’t understand what he’s saying if you think his use of the term transsexual is the same as how transsexual is used today, it’s completely different, as is his discussion of the sexual revolution.

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Not anymore; we’re past the point of being able to differentiate reality from not reality

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Everything will be fine, it is not THAT fucked, he was just memeing r-right guys?

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ITT: guys who were 100% right about everything

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Marx: "Kill the bourgeoisie, they're raping you"
Nietzsche: "You're all going to die, and something non-human is going to emerge to take your place."
Baudrillard: "Everything that surrounds you is fucking fake, you idiot."
Land: "I am trying to will an alien lifeform that will eradicate humanity into existence with techno-jargon"

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we live in a simulacrum

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