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There seems to be some renewed interest in a collaborative work, some people have been making edits lately, and someone asked me to put up a topic last week. So here it is: Dreamscape.

>what is Dreamscape?
A collaborative novel. Jay Phaedon, Olympic marathon runner, is forcibly recruited by a gang of New Sincerists operating somewhere in post-apocalyptic Sweden.


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Dude, you need to chill out man. Smoke a blunt or something lol. Maybe then you'll realize the creative genius that drugs can inspire. Drugs allow us to travel into the unconscious, and perhaps bring something back.

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>What is Dreamscape?
A collaborative work of fiction about a commune of new sincerists.

>What is "the Dreamscape"?
Only you can answer that.

>Who can contribute?

>My contributions are gone!
Go find them in an older version of the document and add them back in. Or, they might have been merged into other stories/excerpts.

>Someone deleted everything!
Look through the document history and revert to the last copy which looks good.

>How do I look at the document history?
>How do I add images?
You need to log into a Google Botnet account. Then go File -> See Revision History.

>Why doesn't the new Google Doc have my contributions from the old Google Doc?
The copy I have is an older version. I've added missing parts from memory but couldn't recover everything.

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