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Radical Skepticism.
Anything that is Circular Vicious/Deflationary.

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>arian individual,

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b-b-b-but old thing good, new thing bad!

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>woman tries to write an 'intellectual' character

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ITT: opinions on literature that out the holder of the opinion as a pseud. I'll start:
>You shouldn't read Shakespeare because it was meant to be performed.

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>you realise sage just makes you not bump the thread, it doesn’t actively push it down? dumb little athiest redditor

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I don't get it

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>Why slur the Moabites?
>Just trying to understand
Not fully convinced you are. Next you'll ask who the Israelites are.

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>Finding an Economic and culturally foundation for a national people united in peculiarities to find it’s placed under the sun. Nation is a value used as its own self-validating object. Nationalism is good because it’s the root of all existence currently. This existence by necessity of collectivity is Dasein. Fully realizing Heidegger‘s as the human being rests on a conceptually prior grasp of Being. Thus Dasein belongs essentially to a world as it possesses a primordial understanding of the world as well as of the entities within it. Being then runs through human beings to philosophical anthropology. Thus human beings cannot be understood as a rational animal on the ancient Greek model or in terms of Christian theology; it must be grasped through its own existence, or innermost possibility. Meaning that the authenticity of Dasein is to embody the values aka culture, language, and ethnicity of a group. In this sense the nation is the embodiment of the entire will of the individual.

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I don't get it.

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I don't get it

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>idk all of them

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I have writers block!

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But if things exist then who created things? Therefore, magical jew.

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>been shit-posting 2k words a day for months
>could have wrote another novel by now
why am i so retarded bros

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>what consciousness is (which is a problem of language)

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Post the pic mutant boy

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>tfw haven't read more than one book per category

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>"You see, the best books don't sell. Only the shit ones are best sellers. People are to stupid to enjoy superior literature such as the one that I have written, but they are too retarded to publish me because they're stupid"

LMAO, do pseuds really?

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Yes. Me.

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How do I build the necessary vocabulary to understand essays?
Why can't academiafags just write like normal people? I am pretty sure that a lot of times the guy they wrote an essay about would criticize their bloated phrasing and choice of words.
>t.wrote this rant because got filtered by an introduction to the Iliad

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>Try reading any other "big boy" novel by a spanish speaking writer, anglo.

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