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Is elitism good in some cases?

Yes/No and why so?

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Slaughter house 5 was 3deep5me, it was hard to follow sometimes. Was I supposed to get something along the lines that Pilgrim was hallucinating because he couldn't understand the horrors and death in Dresden? And why the birds at the end? I did love 4th dimension morality, weird though.

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delicious pasta, friend

8/10, will be saving just in case, and I lul'd slightly

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>pork pie

manderly's face when

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And lo, the great Dawkins did descend from on high, preaching the one truth, the one way, the one path.

His proclamation, let it be heard from now to eternity, is:

Stop liking what I don't like.

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>ad hominem attack
>believing forbes magazine

i'm not even that guy but nugget you stoop stoop

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Okay, /lit/, it's time to cook the perfect novel.

You can use any ingredients from the literary world. You want the complex allusions of Joyce? The absurdity of Barthelme or Kafka? The pumping adventures of Dumas? Then throw it in!

And if you want, perhaps,some more exotic spices such as the atmosphere of Silent Hill or the Chalie Manson murders, the camp humour of Benny Hill, the scientific language of a medical journal or a more abstract ingredient such as the flight path of Canadian Geese, the use it! Whatever you want in your novel, throw it into the mix!

So, what are you cooking, /lit/?

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I just got done watching that show

>Mon visage

ITT: People who don't know what Party Down is

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No one will miss you.

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How about "the Reason why to live with a thumb up your ass" By The Negro In The OP

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