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The poltards swoop in and proceed to sidetrack. Plenty of these threads have books recommended though.
Is OP serious? One can never tell if anyone is ever serious. But we all know pol is 100% not the place to discuss anything left of Alex Jones

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US anarchism has gone through the stages and now feels it has to be a pacifists movement. Reading a thing by Peter Gelderloos proves how ineffectual they are.
Lots of the old founding theorists in this book...

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I have downloaded it, but the only pieces I’ve read of his are from No Gods, No Masters, which is about fifty pages of various things.

More, Pinker and Harris

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Fascists are not environmentalists. They want military statism, rigid unnatural hierarchies and capitalism.

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An anthology of that very name has a great sampling. (In two volumes)
My favourites are Bakunin, Kropotkin, Goldman and Malatesta. (Besides Stirner who only makes an case for the individualist’s agency)

The state-capitalist model is WHY we have have a pandemic. There’s no fucking reason we should be getting all that shit shipped in from China save for this idiotic economic system. Dealing with the pandemic you do need coordination, and yeah, a centralized government like China can do that fairly well, but a direct democracy series of communes can too

Hi. Anarchism is about challenging all unjustifiable hierarchies, it is not about abolishing them all. Write it down please.

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You’ve never acknowledged the existence of socialist literature beyond Marx.

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Quite a few

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Chomsky is a big advocate of Rocker’s syndicalism, which isn’t bad, workers seizing the means of production is a good start and all, but ancoms lower classes seizing everything is full revolution.
As I was reading this book, I caught his dryness and put the book back. I was still considering myself a progressive at that point, but yeah, couldn’t get into it.

Pic related is a good way to understand the early thinkers

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You have some reading to do.

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Volume one of samples from some of our thoughts.

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Not this >>16319545

They have lost thus far. Notice how all is lost.

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Lots of good samples from early theorists in this book.
For fiction I liked William Morris’ News from Nowhere

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How about you try to know what the fuck you’re talking about and read a book for once in your life.

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A sampling anthology for the earliest thinkers.
I haven’t looked at the second volume but I could compile a list for you if you want.

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There’s a long story to this.

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Here. Read.

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Bakunin, Kropotkin, Goldman, Malatesta, Rocker.
And Bookchin.

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There’s a lot to read. Here’s one from my pov

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This is a one of two anthology of a good cross section which can lead you to further studies, you may nix the rest of Proudhon for Stirner, or skip to Bakunin and Kropotkin or w/e.
There’s also Anarchism: A Documentary History of Libertarian Ideas edited by Robert Graham. Three volumes and really long. I haven’t read it but it looks good.

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That’s the point. No one needs nations. I *dream* of no state at all.

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Neoliberal ass.

>Why is killing someone inherently bad?
It’s not
>Why do you think you can tell someone else what’s in their own self interest?
Because I can speak and I think they can reason.
>That’s because it was in his own self interest.
Look for your disconnect, anon.
Maybe you’re just projecting something onto me.

>Demonstrate to me a single person who is "fine with what one has"
Most people aren’t stealing from you or each other, so I can point to hundreds of thousands of persons.
Go away.

They’re in the book! :D

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No. Full steam ahead

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