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>get recommended Malazan because it's huge, deep and complex
>read it and it's just some D&D-tier shit on a large scale

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>This qualifies as poetry nowadays


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>what do you think of the course

it's alright. i don't ever feel the need to work hard at it, but i always feel i don't work hard enough. phil/pol have so many ways to tackle an essay or problem that writing essays often feels deficient. nothing more satisfying than nailing a problem. i'm doing philosophy and econ from this year on; it's very versatile. i think the course is alright.

if you want to do it, power to you. but there are a lot of pseudointellectuals and wankers at oxford. there are at any university, i guess. often the place feels cripplingly smug, self-satisfied, and filled with middle class kids who seem all too happy to be mediocre (working class lad w/ a chip on his shoulder reporting)

>Also, anything you'd recommend reading beyond the obvious?


most valuable book i read was charles tilly's coercion, capital, and european states; it's on the syllabus, and it's golden and you can wind long essays on it if you know anything about history.

other than that anything goes


not really anything specific. if you want, look over one of the textbooks. varian's intermediate microeconomics is free on the internet as a pdf, and that's a first year econ textbook.


read anything. want some good foundations on moral phil, epistemology, and metaphysics. i read aj ayer's language, truth, and logic for the latter two for the ucas shit. but i think they were bored of it, since it's really easy to go "hurrdurr how do u verify the verification principle?! xd fuk u ayer"

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