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The shelter is fucked. Don’t ask me why the builders designed it this way. Don’t ask me why the builders designed the ceilings so low. Don’t ask me why I have to crouch and crawl around the shelter when the ceilings are obviously low. They were designed that way, the ceilings, but don’t ask me why. The builders know. Why not ask the builders? Why not go visit the builders and ask them why the shelter is so fucked and why the ceilings are so low as to force a normal sized adult to crouch or crawl from section to section? The sections are dark. The whole fucking shelter is dark. Don’t ask my why. They want it that fucking way. The builders want the sections and the corridors and the ceilings low and dark. Children can get through walking. Some children, the younger ones. The ones who haven’t hit a growth spurt yet. But those are rare. Because no one fucks down here. Don’t ask me the last time I got pussy. Don’t ask me how I’ve survived without pussy. Don’t ask me the things I’ve resorted to in place of pussy. Why not ask the fucking builders that? Why not ask the builders why the shelter is designed that way? Why not ask them why young children are allowed to walk freely through the corridors and sections while us adults are forced to crouch and crawl from place to place? My knees are fucking bad now. Don’t ask me about my eyesight. Most of the time it’s dark so I don't need it. The only light comes from the big candle in the big section. That’s how the builders designed it. They wanted one big candle and one big section but they still wanted the ceilings fucking low in the big section. The other smaller sections radiate out from the big candle so that light from the big candle reaches most places, but the farther you crawl away the darker things get, and in some places it’s totally black.

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