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Anyone read any of these books about the industrial revolution and its consequences? Any of them good or shit?


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America's story is Jazz.
A sound was born in New Orleans;
Slaves would celebrate the Sabbath
Through downtown streets,
Singing their blues,
Syncopating their beats.
Ragged in minstrel shows
When hidden under a shoe polished coat,
The sound had still exposed
Majestic tones to men and women
Who loved the art at which they laughed.
Creoles who knew the theory
Were integrated under Jim Crow
With keepers of a nascent sound;
Societal pressures formed a cultural
Diamond whose scintillation was so clear
That bigotry had failed to block its brilliance.

Jazz is the spirit of America.
Its an impulse,
A disciplined instinct,
Swing that makes a resting heart beat
Soniferous energy, setting two tapping feet
Alive in glee -- meticulously arranged chords
Into a sweeping arpeggio which rings
Trumpeting notes of virtuosity,
That blend in time to the vivacious rhythm;
The horns blow out orchestral downbeats,
Collapsing walls of classics,
Followed by a somber final note
Flowing form an alto sax.

American's don't play Jazz anymore.

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Prudent dupe, I confess my sins again,
The same ones I confessed just yesterday.
I've found myself unable to abstain
From vices I deride; I disobey
All I've written of life, for through my vice,
I'll eat, laugh, and survive my finite time.
And who can lead my soul to paradise?
Who possesses virtue so sublime
That they embrace the Word, deny the bread?
Certainly not you! You only remind
Of flaws and limits set in humankind,
Believing absolution's in what's said.
To agree is to let transgression slide;
To demur is to laud a moral pride.

I only write in meter, but this is a good start if you are jumping into free verse. It doesn't quite have the rhythm I get from other free verse writers though. Still, you aren't too far off and the poem itself is pleasant to read.

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