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It's fucking trite and annoying, it's the textual equivalent of huffing paint. Why the fuck do you say "obtuse"? Literally no reasonable or legitimate people say that word. There's a reason we have words like faggot, nigger, and retard which have readily been mastered by the sub-80 IQ population of this website. The word "obtuse" makes it sound like you're just pretending to be intelligent. This shit is all so unnaturally feigned it's like some belle of the ball debutante bullshit where you want to "outclass" the other faggots in how pretentious you can be.

It's like you faggots are jacking off to the fact that you can parrot some phrases you learned from the Duo-lingo teaching you the language of insufferable douchebags.

You see how I can talk shit, insult people, and not use trite, meaningless, 128 character twitter-nigger phrases?

The ability to communicate without parroting the same tired insults is an art. It's an art you need to invest in, because when you're trying to insult somebody, the same insult, time and time again, it loses all flavor, it becomes meaningless, vapid, tired, and quickly just becomes annoying.

When you use these tired insults, it does nothing but bring insult to yourself and demonstrate your inability to talk shit in any meaningful and legitimizing way. You're doing nothing but demonstrating to the audience that you cannot produce anything new or anything with value, and beyond that, you're so fucking simple minded that you find reiterating the same fucking tired word as "an insult" to be fulfilling. You find this to be fulfilling because you're too fucking stupid to realize that this "insult" accomplishes nothing. You make your meaningless fucking raspberry noise, then walk away believing you "absolutely demolished the man's ego" and you go jack off to your "intellectual supremacy" which you attained simply by calling a man "obtuse".

Every fucking retard can just say "that's obtuse", and this is not a meaningful fucking statement. The only thing it proves is that you failed to address the fucking point and you believe this Triple-F teir "shit talk" qualifies as a legitimate personal attack.

Look at me. I max out the fucking machine when I talk shit because it's a sport i enjoy. I spend time to hone my skill and develop the art of talking shit. I'm not satisfied in the slightest by 128 characters of tired shit-talk, because I'm looking to scrap. I'm not looking to entertain the ego of some retard making a fucking raspberry noise as if this "codifies his legitimacy".

You see how I talk shit? I find a point I want to fight about: here, your excessive use of the word "obtuse". Then I start by tearing into that shit, line after line.

The issue is that I come to this board, it's allegedly, "literate" people, but the vast majority of you are just twitter-nigger phoneposters that have no capacity, willingness, or interest in demonstrating your alleged "mental capacity" which you base your ego off of.

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