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>Blames mental breakdown, subsequent benzo addiction and needing to be placed in an induced coma in Russia from drinking cider
>Pretends to care about young men but really just wants to convert them to right wing, Christian politics
>Peddles pseudoscience like lobsters and serotonin (literal falsity) and claims he is an expert in multiple fields he has no qualifications in
>Denies climate change because "climate is everything and you can't change everything"
>Misunderstands the Pareto Principle but uses it in many of his arguments
>Claims certain things are natural laws but are really his political and cultural opinions
>Writes shitty self-help books
>Helps his daughter write shitty self-help books
>Loves free-market capitalism but takes money from taxpayers
>Regularly has emotional breakdowns over seemingly minor things

This guy sucks.

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