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Anyone else just done with politics? Is political ideology just a spook invented by civilized people to obscure the real reason men fight each other: genetic interest.

At the battle of Berlin in 1945, the reason all those German boys, many of them not old enough to shave, kept fighting the Soviets when all hope was lost wasn't because they "hated the Jews". It was because they saw the Slav hordes coming for their women. They saw disgusting subhumans, the "other" coming to end the genetic lineage their forefathers had given their life to preserve.

Is politics just a pseudo-proxy for genetic conflict that only matters within your group as long as your group isn't existentially threatened by hordes of men from another tribe. It's depressing, but I think that enlightenment ideals, humanism, etc. can't win from hundreds of thousands of years of evolution.

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>spend all night browsing /lit/ Instead of reading actual books

How do I stop it bros

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