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Anime website.

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>me hosting JRE featuring me

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Sure thing

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>being this green

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One thing I find striking in these threads is that people really SEETHE at the implications of OP's idea. In any other philosophy discussion (apart from maybe politics) discussion tends to not be heated. The rationalism vs empiricism or nominalism vs Platonism debates are usually mild. Yet if you ever bring up these sort of explanations for consciousness around a philosopher (or religious person) he will go absolutely mad. You know this is pure internal conflict. Notice how the critical responses are basically "this dumb!" and "darwin stupid!". They simply do not want to accept reality because they are weak and want to be comforted by comforting stories.

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>"Suck a dick, - Noam"
>imagining this in his croaky voice

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>start MA
>absolutely awful degree, poorly taught and structured
>multiple lecturer strikes throughout the year, ruining course flow
>covid 19 shuts everything down
>comes to choose dissertation topic
>totally demoralized at this point
>think "fuck it, I'm just gonna do it on Evangelion."
I know this is a mistake but I just don't care anymore.

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>tfw frog/weird twitter is falling apart before our very eyes
Feels good lads. Soon only /ourguy/ crumps will be left standing, solipsistically grifting forever into the void.

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>a surge
You should learn how to read, anon.
meme replies is all you're capable of

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seethe more

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