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>Because he wants what I have, he wants confidence, strength, power, literacy, and supremacy above men.

>He notices how starkly my vivid and palpable power bleeding through my text contrasts with the meek little boys typing with their flaccid-penis fingers on this website. The people, like yourself, who add nothing to the conversation but meaningless 128-character twitter phoneposts that cannot even compete with the quality of conversation provided by a bot.

>He notices the virility in my words, my passion, my strength, indicating that I have a healthy and robust ego, that I have a considerable amount of will to live, and my written words in the familiar, colloquial, and urban style provide evidence that my education comes not from the books of some dead subhuman faggots who hid in the darkness with their thoughts, but from the reality of the streets, from the blood and thunder of the gods among men, the people who send the loser nerds into the darkness of their room to cry and hate themselves for their failures.

>You condemn me because you doubt you will ever be able to wield the power, the passion, and the fury I do in my work. You offer this little niggle of shit talk and walk away as if your words had any meaning. Why? Because you don't have the will to fight, you don't enjoy fighting because you believe you will lose. You don't see yourself as a powerful man, you see yourself as a weak, defeated, and downtrodden soul coming here to find solace.

Compared to...

>do you have a peer-reviewed study to prove this? This claim is highly dubious
>He is being an obtuse little faggot.
>go bitch and whine somewhere else retard
>please demonstrate how an entire generation of males is dropping out of society
Actual dogshit you cringy zoomer fuck

Can all of you really tolerate this "1 line of turning my nose up and being pretentious" bullshit? The phoneposting is ridiculous. How is any of this "enjoyable or meaningful dialogue"? It just seems like a bunch of asshats making shitty little sleights at each other rather than taking the time to produce anything of meaning.

Why do all of you have the written dialect of snide pretentious faggots pretending to be intelligent? Like Screech from Saved by the Bell?


That motherfucker was so disliked by the general public that there are very few youtube clips of the bastard to demonstrate how socially dysfunctional and annoying he was.


At least these motherfuckers try. Even if their writing isn't great, they're writing something. The rest of you are just making gay sleights at each other trying to stroke your delusions of "intellectual supremacy".

>"literature board"
>128 character twitter-nigger phoneposting

That's fucking tragic. It makes me glad that my literature is more influenced by A.C. Slater and Hulk Hogan than any of the schlomo books you faggots read

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