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>“Basically, the idea is that not only can women do everything men do, but, under the conditions of capitalism, they can do it better than men,” Badiou writes, “They’ll be more realistic than men, more relentless, more tenacious. Why? Precisely because girls no longer have to become the women that they already are, while boys don’t know how to become the men that they are not.”
>“The girl-woman is being urged to provide a tough, mature, serious, legal, and punitive version of competitive, consumerist individualism,” Badiou writes, while the boys provide a “weak, adolescent, frivolous, lawless, or even borderline criminal” version. “Bourgeois, authoritarian feminism” calls for “the world as it is to be turned over to women power.”
There's more, but you'd have to meet me halfway.

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Why did this silly bastard support the Khmer Rouge back in the day? Did he actually like some of their ideas (or theory if you can call it that) or was it just some silly "oy they communists, solidarity a-hoy!" thing

Can't quite figure it out myself.

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