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>For I would, O father Zeus, and Athene, and Apollo, that no man of the Trojans might escape death, of all that there are, neither any of the Argives, but that we twain might escape destruction, that alone we might loose the sacred diadem of Troy.
Iliad 16.97-100

>The rest bethought them of supper and of sweet sleep, to take their fill thereof; but Achilles wept, ever remembering his dear comrade, neither might sleep, that mastereth all, lay hold of him, but he turned him ever to this side or to that, yearning for the man-hood and valorous might of Patroclus, thinking on all he had wrought with him and all the woes he had borne, passing though wars of men and the grievous waves. Thinking thereon he would shed big tears, lying now upon his side, now upon his back, and now upon his face; and then again he would rise upon his feet and roam distraught along the shore of the sea.
Iliad 24.4-12

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>Nietzsche would approve of LGBT
He did

>The erotic relation of men to youths was the necessary and sole preparation, to a degree unattainable to our comprehension, of all manly education (pretty much as for a long time all higher education of women was only attainable through love and marriage). All idealism of the strength of the Greek nature threw itself into that relation, and it is probable that never since have young men been treated so attentively, so lovingly so entirely with a view to their welfare (virtus) as in the fifth and sixth centuries B.C.— according to the beautiful saying of Holderlin: “denn liebend giebt der Sterbliche vom Besten”. The higher the light in which this relation was regarded, the lower sank intercourse with women.
Friedrich Nietzsche, Human All Too Human 259

>Plato goes further. He says with an innocence possible only for a Greek, not a "Christian," that there would be no Platonic philosophy at all if there were not such beautiful youths in Athens: it is only their sight that transposes the philosopher's soul into an erotic trance, leaving it no peace until it lowers the seed of all exalted things into such beautiful soil
Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols chapter 8, 23

>What does our chatter about the Greeks amount to! What do we understand of their art, the soul of which is passion for naked male beauty!
—Friedrich Nietzsche, Daybreak, Aphorism 170

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>If you studied the Greeks thoroughly and all you see is gay sex, you're projecting or just stupid.

"Wth the ancients everything is full of it." - Schopenhauer

"And sundry other books of the philosophers may one see full of this disease." - John Chrysostom

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