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Is there any book where a parent was autistic enough to calculate how much money a child cost them?
I mean from the moment they realize a child is in the womb and the mother is eating more. Is there any work where they calculated the extra food the mother needed to eat, the clinic and doctor visits, the price of birthing, diapers, increased food of mom breastfeeding, formula, day care, schooling, toys, food, clothing, transportation, repairs / replacement of things broken, education, etc? Every single thing the child cost the parent(s) for the 18 years of their life?
Because where I live the exchange rate is $1(us) to $100. And I just thought that if a parent were to tell their kid (after an argument) to pay back the money they owed it would be in the millions, I'm sure in America it would be in the hundreds of thousands.

Any work that has anything close to this?

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>the chart under selected fantasy still has buried giant
When are you going to put back the original one? If people think we are shilling so some blogger can get a quick 10 bucks they will not take us seriously. They will stop listening to our recommendation.

Fix it

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It was a great source for gri years ago. Reading about how her daddy took down her door so she couldn't lock him out at night was delicious.

Also reading about one trying to get away from the dicking so bad, sleeps with a guy whose wife was just brutally attacked and lay dying not too far away made me diamonds.

Just goes to show that women are manipulative, and trying to make it to a lvl 40 wizard would make my life far more carefree.

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What's your thoughts on this? >>8499035

What books do you guys think I'm "trolling" you with?

I know a lot of the sffg regular users are lawyers, professors, teachers, bio technicians and are married with kids and a mortgage.

A lot of the books might not mesh with you because you read WoT and Book of the new sun when it first came out.

I see how you few are slowly conditioning this general to be a safe place for you to discuss old books of your teenage years. Books, which your modern counterparts don't like as much as you did.

You berate anyone who doesn't share your nostalgic trip in time, and you belittle any book you haven't read yourself as "YA" or "edgy".

You then try to only discuss Vance, Wolfe or Lem.
This shit needs to stop, you are bringing down the general into an infinite loop of the 3 same shit that affects outer lit

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