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Nutrition books I've read:
Grain Brain

The greatest DYEC Cookbook of all time: Salt Fat Acid Heat

SFAH made me stop fearing the indulgent flavors as bad for you. I now see quality as less than 5% of what's offered in stores.

Keto as a starting point to judge fats by quality and carbs as quantity gave me the perspective to abstract all non keto diet meals down to the gram in every macro nutrient and thus I can guess what I ate in a week in my journal. The reason is because fat soluble nutrients are the hard to find essential and anti-inflammatory like Omega 3 EFA. Where as water soluble vitamins are abundant and need no dieticians effort to encounter. A keto diet filling meal will get you at least 100 g of protein a day easy. It is very hard to go over that if you're stuffing your face with carbs. The best starch has little merit over the lamest cruciferous fibrous veg.

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>that second link

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guess all the christposters found a new fad

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