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It’s pretty good desu. Although my advice to you would be to get a low level part time job, especially somewhere where you interact with customers and there’s high turnover of employees, like a restaurant. You’ll basically be forced to talk to loads of strangers and in time your social skills will improve. Reading books will only get you so far

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So you agree that slavery and misogyny are bad? Good, we’re getting somewhere

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Obviously reducing female autonomy and cultivating family values (like we see in immigrant populations) would increase the White birth rate. But how can this be done after 100 years of feminism and social degeneracy?

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Why are humans like this

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If you’re interested in banking and finance then there could be different resources specifically for India, but it’s useful to understand the US banking system as there is probably a lot of overlap. Something like Rich Dad Poor Dad is more about personal finance and entrepreneurship, which is basically unrelated to banking. I’m not too sure about that topic but I enjoyed How to Get Rich by Felix Dennis

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>Those trips
Like anon said above just set aside 20 mins a day to read. Then slowly increase that to 1 or 2 hours a day, and you’ll be reading more than 99% of the population.

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No one’s said Capitalism Socialism and Democracy yet ?

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I guess. There’s also the transcendental argument by Dyer, haven’t really heard a response to it.

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Where to start with Socrates?

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Are you some sort of nerd?

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